I am loving my FitBit…

I have had my FitBit for a almost a month now and I just love it. So far I have walked 398,726 steps, climbed 485 floors and walked 64.54 miles. I reckon I would never have done that much if I didn’t have the FitBit. Weightloss wise it has been slow but the trend is downward so that is the main thing. I have had a number of non-scale victories this weekend. I had a quick rummage through my closet last night and I fit into 3 further pairs of trousers which is brilliant for me. I have a lovely green pair of cord trousers which I had on last night waltzing around my bedroom. I have lost fat off my thighs, hips, waist and bust as I now fit into more of my t shirts. I have been wearing them daily and have had a number of comments from colleagues. My size 16 jeans are getting baggier by the week. They are brand new almost which is rather annoying as I hope not to be in them too long. I bought size 14 linen combat trousers a few days ago and they fit really well. I also bought a pair of heeled leather ankle boots which I just love. I have been learning to walk in them.

My Fitness Pal has been invaluable for tracking my food and I have continued going to Weight Watchers for my weekly weigh-in. The points system doesn’t really work for me for when I joined up it was with the idea I would count calories and just weigh in at the meeting. I have dropped 43lb in total according to MFP. I am going to sever links with WW soon and continue with the calorie counting.

The steps have given me an idea for some fundraising. I have decided to walk 1 million steps for charity. I have walked almost half of that in the time I have had the FitBit so I am going to start raising funds in the next few days. It is going to Sefton CHICS for children and teenagers with cancer to help make their lives a tiny bit easier and better. I will write more on it next week when the fundraising starts.

I am going for a walk in a minute need to get my numbers up instead of sitting up in bed all day 🙂


a bit fit with a FitBit…

I ordered this little guy http://www.fitbit.com/uk/product last week and it is winging its little way into my life.


It is a wireless activity tracker. It tracks activity, measures stairs, measures sleep, distance and a whole load more. Check it out. Should have it in the next day or two.

I have struggled over the last two weeks. I have tracked my food and exercise but have only managed to lose 1lb per week. In the last 6 weeks I have lost 10lb which is great. I know it is better to lose it slowly and to develop really good relationships with food and exercise. It is just so frustrating for me. I am NOT going to give up. Next week sees a new month and a new set of goals to think about. I am becoming happier and more positive. I am also beginning too think more about a real career but just playing with thoughts at the moment.

I had a go at making my own frozen yogurt at the weekend. It was not as ‘soft serve’ as shop bought stuff but it was equally as gorgeous. I made blueberry.

yog1I LOVED it.

On Friday I am having a Spa Day at the Hilton Hotel in Chester. So looking forward to it. xx

Looking Positive…

I have just spent the last two weeks at the gym every day and eating really well in the expectation that I will kick start my weightloss and make me feel better with an endorphin rush. I actually do feel more positive, more energy and feel better about myself. I think I have lost some weight also as my trousers are looking like they want to fall down. I have burned a minimum of 500 calories a day and sometimes as high as 1,000. I have also eaten loads of fruit and vegetables, complex carbs and my latest love which is called Maxta mix. It is a mix of chia seeds, flax seeds, goji berries and white maxta tea all ground up. I sprinkled it on my weetabix on day 1 and I was stuffed. Day 2 I had one less weetabix biscuit and the mix which was just right.

I conquered a fear this week – I ran outside along the beach in the DAYLIGHT. I didn’t need to use the Vampire method. I didn’t feel self conscious at all. I thought I would drop dead and cough up my lungs but it didn’t happen. I felt it was difficult to catch my breath but that came on with a little time. I ran with my housemate, chances are I would not have done it alone. Our initial strategy was to run between the Gormley statues. Along my beach are 100 iron statues of Anthony Gormley. They are spaced and specific intervals making them easy to use as a point in which to judge the distances.


We have been out twice and run for around 30 minutes a time. Not bad for a start. Sunday will be the next run. We were supposed to go out yesterday but at the moment Liverpool is in the middle of a storm and living on the beach means it is exceptionally windy.

  Three weeks ago I decided to rejoin Weight Watchers. I didn’t want to use the Pro points system, rather I just wanted to be answerable to somebody else on the scale. I weighed in at 15stone three weeks ago. Back up to that higher weight. My head is in the right place now and I have begun to built up some new habits.

  1. eating decent food.
  2. making the most of the morning and getting up early to nip over to the gym.
  3. plan food and exercise and sticking to both.
  4. developing a positive mental attitude.
  5. keeping a food diary.

I am happy to have begun my foray into running, having managed to get to the gym every day and having eaten quite well this past two weeks. I am hoping my weigh-in on Monday will reflect the hard work.

Next week’s food is already planned and I am working on where I can fit exercise in. I used my heart rate monitor and in two weeks I burned just over 7000 calories.  That was quite mad and I am going to aim for 500 calories per day minimum. Here is to running next week… x


Not a Second to waste…

Last week was an utter fail-fest. I have to say I am bored of crashing into a wall, falling off the wagon and just ending up bloated and full of self-loathing with a sugary taste in my mouth.

What I can’t get my head around is what is it that is stopping me from achieving my goal of a fit, toned and healthy body and mind? Why do I falter and crash? I don’t want to look like a dried out, fat old woman – who does? I know the only thing/person standing between me and my dreams is ME. Like a recovering addict I need to take it one day at a time.

In January I wanted this year to be the one I lost the weight. We are not too far away from May so the months are slipping by. There is not a second to waste…

  I am off work for the next two weeks so I am going to use the gym, there are a few classes scheduled, bike rides and I am planning on at least having a go at running (even if it is treadmill running). The fridge is full of healthy food and all the junk is gone.

Lets see how taking it day by day works… x

It Started with a Bootcamp…

Life has been up and down but lately I have found a little groove and have managed to settle into a sweet little routine which I have enjoyed. I have enjoyed it so much I have actually lost 11lb. It started with a 4 week Pilates boot camp. I decided that I was going to have a go and put some real effort into this one. It came as second nature to me to begin a healthy eating routine at the same time. I hated leaving the chocolate ditch I had slipped into after falling off the wagon again… but I kept it up for the first week being a miserable cow, having headaches, eating little packs of chopped celery and carrots each day to keep the hunger at bay. Slowly, very slowly it all started to turn around. After the first week I found I had lost 5lb, the second week 1lb and this third week I have managed another 5lb. To log my calories and exercise I decided to subscribe for 3 months to the Biggest Loser Site. It is basic and does the job so I am happy to use it. My exercise has increased so much, gym visits have increased and I have started to feel good again. Having just had a long weekend I decided to have a few health suite sessions and have steamed and bubbled all weekend. Exfoliated, epilated and moisturised my way to a minor grooming triumph. I have also had a tiny wardrobe revamp and have planned another wardrobe clearout for the end of the month. These horrid black trouser I hate so much will be gone in this next session.

Portion sizes have been cut, chocolate intake has been cut but not through annoyance rather through genuine choice. I could easily have eaten the stuff but I just have not wanted.

Today I am starting the 30 Day Shred and I am planning on doing it all. Why not while I am enjoying being active. This week I am hoping for another loss but more important I will be taking part in a Charity bike ride of 30 miles for Altzheimer’s Trust. I am sure there will be photos. xx

What a Rollercoaster that was…

My goodness… the last few weeks has been such an emotional rollercoaster. My dear old dad died last month following an infection after suffering a massive stroke. The weeks following his death have been bizarre from being amazed at experiencing the loss of a parent to feeling desolate at the loss of a parent. I have experienced so many emotions I am not sure where I am, what the date is and what the hell is going on. I have been off work for the past 5 weeks and I have started to notice that I am getting bored. I am going to pick my self pitying ass up and get back to work on Monday.

I have also noticed a few other things that have me concerned:

  1. My clothes are tight
  2. it is a real pain to get up off the couch – literally as my joints ache and I feel I am heaving myself up
  3. my skin is really dry to the point of being painful
  4. my joints are really sore
  5. I feel like I am exhausted after a short walk
  6. I have heart palpitations
  7. I am thirsty all the time
  8. I can’t bend over to tie my laces
  9. I can feel my belly lying on my lap (again)
  10. I have gained plenty of lbs

Well that is for starters…


  1. water, water, water – drink it all in
  2. get moving. I have downloaded the couch to 5k and I am going to get running again
  3. back to regular classes at the gym
  4. for 1 week only to kick start my weightloss I am going to do the Special K one week food plan starting Sunday.

I hope in a week I will no longer be straining in my trousers. I only have 2 pairs left I can wear and I am beginning to really hate them. I was so close to buying the next size up but I refuse to do so. I binned several pairs of size 18s and I am not buying anymore. I need to try something new this month as I promised for each month this year. I was actually thinking about having some beauty pampering treatments. I have never had anything like manicure, pedicure or eyebrow waxing so I am going to having something done. Last month was a bit of a wipeout where goals are concerned. I did manage to start clearing out the clutter and I did also start a plan to get rid of the debt and increase the savings. burying my dad was the ‘try something new’ I know he would have howled at that one, bless him. x


January goals are out of the window… My dear dad died on Tuesday. I will bury him next Wednesday. Life has just been put on hold. I have never felt so sad. xx

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