Life List…

I have been thinking of the way I live my life. As a teenager I dreamed about what job I would do, where I would travel to, what my husband would be like and how beautiful my children would be. 20 years later I have never revisited those dreams and realised how much time I have lost. None of it wasted as there is no point thinking you are wasting time especially as it can’t be grabbed back. In view of this I have decided to develop a Life List. PS, there are neither husband or children (thankfully – world travel and living abroad took their place).

In No Particular Order…

  1. swim
  2. swim a mile
  3. complete a triathlon
  4. complete doctorate
  5. share my life with a Beagle
  6. get a tattoo
  7. visit South Africa & Swaziland
  8. visit Vietnam
  9. learn to ride a motorbike
  10. fit into the 501 jeans I still have from the 19 year old me
  11. learn to Kayak
  12. buy an expensive suit
  13. dive
  14. work as a researcher
  15. fall in love




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