I wouldn’t say not much has been happening lately. A lot has been happening. I have managed a little travel with my trip to Iceland and also a trip to Finland coming up next week. have reconnected with old friends and been out and about. It feels good to have the connection with people again. I do still love my own company but I am finding my way in the world again. Have done loads of travelling around for weekends, weeks and day trips to London to visit the British Museum.

I still have a lot more self exploration to do, but I am really enjoying finding myself right now. I am still struggling with weight and motivation.

I have loads to write about my trips and motivating myself. I will save them for posts in the week.

I do have a new toy though. I decided to treat myself to a new Apple MacBook Air. I love it. Other than my iPad and iPod, I have never been an Apple user so this is my first foray. there is still a tonne of stuff to learn on it.

Watch out for posts coming soon including, Gall stones, Iceland, Finland, brown bears, London and getting rid of this damn flab…


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