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Well, it is December. I spent an interesting month in November travelling through Central America. It was amazing. I grabbed as many opportunities as I could to experience new activities. I surfed on Nicaragua’s Pacific coast which was a bucket list activity of mine, wallowed in a geothermal spa which was brilliant, camped in the rain forest, travelled through cloud forest, traversed many border points, enjoyed my wildlife photography, made new friends, became more confident, laughed so much, lost weight (gained it back home), visited a coffee farm, visited Mayan Ruins…it was so much fun. I took a lovely photo of a hummingbird.  I will be posting photographs of my trip soon. 

 I came home after smiling and laughing for almost an entire month and immediately fell into dreadful eating habits which sent me spiralling into a horrible depression. It really did hit home that my eating and lack of exercise have the most profound effect on mood and well being. the last two weeks have been the worst. I have been secret eating on a huge scale. I go shopping when my house-mate is out and I creep up to my room with it. I currently have a bin liner full of empty food packs from the last three weeks. On my trip I didn’t each much junk and I was up early and on the go from dawn till dusk. I never had an attack of abdominal pain, a mood swing or a palpitation in that time. I felt full of energy, alive and happy. 

  Its Christmas soon and I thought I would wait till the new year to start my healthy eating and exercise again but this weekend I decided not to wait. There is still another three and a half weeks of the year and with a dangerous attitude I could easily gain 14lb in that time. I have NEVER had any success starting healthy eating at the beginning of a month or year so I have made a food and exercise plan for next week. I am going to take it day by day initially for one week. I have to make some solid plans for the new year though. 

 the trip made me think about all the things in life I want to do and am able to do. I have a list of stuff I want to try and achieve next year. Keeping it simple and short but manageable and life enhancing. So for 2014 I hope to achieve the following: 

  • goal body – whatever that weight may be. I want to get to a point where I feel healthy and happy. 
  • develop my saxophone playing.
  • learn to needle felt. I have some of the equipment and have ordered a book. 
  • travel – dive in Iceland and see the Northern Lights, Bear Watching in Finland at the Russian border, cash permitting a big trip in October to Indochina. 
  • start running. I’m not going to wait till 2014 for that I am going to start next week by running around the local park before work a few mornings a week. 
  • do a Triathlon… scary one this but it has been something I have always wanted to try. 
  • write my cookery book using Blurb and sell them (I already have advanced orders). 

 I think that is enough to keep me going for now. I am excited by all of them but especially by the travel :). I am going to concentrate on the next few weeks of healthy living and address the fact I have disordered eating. I have never admitted it before but I know I have really abnormal relationships with food. My secret eating is getting beyond my control now. Tomorrow is a new day and I will post an actual weigh-in photo from my scales. xx




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