A Week Later…

It’s been a week since I started using Herbalife. I’ve been having a shake for breakfast and one for lunch. I weighed in with a 4lb loss and 1% lower body fat. I cranked up the exercise and started using free weights in a body pump class. I know using a shake is not the best thing but it has really helped me stay on track with making healthy choices. Next week I am aiming for around 3lb loss. I’m going to introduce more healthy snacks and start a daily 30. 30 minutes of exercise each morning before I head off to work. A mix of muscle and cardio to boost my metabolism.

When I started the Herbalife I was weighed and measured. My metabolic age was 50. 50 was the maximum reading so chances are it was higher. I forget the other readings except I do remember I was dehydrated. I have been chugging down the H2O so I hope that has increased.

My exercise plans for the week:
Monday: daily 30 and Pilates class.
Tuesday: daily 30 and Body Combat class.
Wednesday: daily 30 and Kettlebell class.
Thursday: daily 30, Body Combat and Body Balance classes.
Friday: daily 30 and Body Pump class.
Saturday: daily 30 and Pilates class.

Here is to the next week.
Sunday: daily 30 and Body Pump class. I just need to plan my dinner and snacks for the week. Xx

20131019-033554 pm.jpg


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