back on the wagon….again…

I don’t know how many times I have said that sentence. I know what I need to do, I have the tools but the one thing I lack is discipline. I need to be weighed by somebody in order to actually stick to it and stay out of that chocolate filled ditch I keep falling into when I roll off the wagon. Tomorrow I am joining Slimming World in order to kick-start my weight-loss again. I know I have made progress as I have gained only 7lb before I really knew I had to get my mojo back and make myself accountable. I know exercise is 30% of weight loss and diet is the rest but I have planned all my meals for the week and have also included exercise. Its super tough at the moment as my home is at risk and I may have to find a new place in the next few weeks. this has caused loads of stress for my little head. I wondered if it was even worth joining a club and concentrating on my health. I thought that was rather a ridiculous statement and I can’t allow my health to suffer when life gets in the way. I’m going to post my meal and exercise plan initially and keep you updated with how it is going. I have had enough time to think about this and plan for it. I get nervous when I think about joining new clubs. I’m sure I will be ok. No goals this month. Just going to get my mojo back. x


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