well two months in with my FitBit and I completed my Millionth step today. I have walked over 200 miles, climbed 1,212 flights of stairs and dropped almost 26lb. I have raised almost £500 for a children’s cancer charity with my ‘Million Steps Challenge’. My clothes are fitting better and I have been complimented almost daily on my weight loss. I have lost a total of 40lb since I started this journey and after a week of eating maintenance I am ready to begin phase II and get the next 40lb off. I want to aim for a more feminine look in my clothes so I have been looking around at what is out there. After 30 years of dressing in men’s clothes (because they were shapeless and covered my frame, I never actually wanted to be a man), it is a scary prospect to start looking at cute small clothes. My main fright is the array of patterns, colours and styles. I am going to start with female style mute colour t shirts and then evolve.

I never really put any goals together for last month or this month. I do want to start thinking about pampering myself and trying new things. I want an eyebrow wax and another manicure. As my face becomes more feminine I really want to look for more flattering hairstyles and start looking after my skin more. It is a long time coming but I have started to have more good days than bad. The exercise has been a huge boost. I am so happy I never had to resort to medication to drag me out of this fug. I still cry for my boy and for my dad, I get sad thinking about them but I feel stronger in my soul and spirit. Long may it continue.

For the past few years I have wanted to try for the Liverpool Triathlon. I have never run a race before and I always felt I wanted the challenge of the Triathlon. I have been looking at road bikes and think I have come to the point where I have found my road bike. I love it. Let me share it with you…

felt It is a FELT Z95 2012. I am going to get it next week. I also want to order a pair of Shimano pedals…


I know this sounds ridiculous but when I was much bigger I felt embarrassed on a road bike thinking that everybody wondered what the hell the fat woman was doing on such a bike. I feel so much more confident now I want to get out there and get my speed kick.

Tonight I am going to have a think about goals for September. x


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