I am loving my FitBit…

I have had my FitBit for a almost a month now and I just love it. So far I have walked 398,726 steps, climbed 485 floors and walked 64.54 miles. I reckon I would never have done that much if I didn’t have the FitBit. Weightloss wise it has been slow but the trend is downward so that is the main thing. I have had a number of non-scale victories this weekend. I had a quick rummage through my closet last night and I fit into 3 further pairs of trousers which is brilliant for me. I have a lovely green pair of cord trousers which I had on last night waltzing around my bedroom. I have lost fat off my thighs, hips, waist and bust as I now fit into more of my t shirts. I have been wearing them daily and have had a number of comments from colleagues. My size 16 jeans are getting baggier by the week. They are brand new almost which is rather annoying as I hope not to be in them too long. I bought size 14 linen combat trousers a few days ago and they fit really well. I also bought a pair of heeled leather ankle boots which I just love. I have been learning to walk in them.

My Fitness Pal has been invaluable for tracking my food and I have continued going to Weight Watchers for my weekly weigh-in. The points system doesn’t really work for me for when I joined up it was with the idea I would count calories and just weigh in at the meeting. I have dropped 43lb in total according to MFP. I am going to sever links with WW soon and continue with the calorie counting.

The steps have given me an idea for some fundraising. I have decided to walk 1 million steps for charity. I have walked almost half of that in the time I have had the FitBit so I am going to start raising funds in the next few days. It is going to Sefton CHICS for children and teenagers with cancer to help make their lives a tiny bit easier and better. I will write more on it next week when the fundraising starts.

I am going for a walk in a minute need to get my numbers up instead of sitting up in bed all day 🙂


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