a bit fit with a FitBit…

I ordered this little guy http://www.fitbit.com/uk/product last week and it is winging its little way into my life.


It is a wireless activity tracker. It tracks activity, measures stairs, measures sleep, distance and a whole load more. Check it out. Should have it in the next day or two.

I have struggled over the last two weeks. I have tracked my food and exercise but have only managed to lose 1lb per week. In the last 6 weeks I have lost 10lb which is great. I know it is better to lose it slowly and to develop really good relationships with food and exercise. It is just so frustrating for me. I am NOT going to give up. Next week sees a new month and a new set of goals to think about. I am becoming happier and more positive. I am also beginning too think more about a real career but just playing with thoughts at the moment.

I had a go at making my own frozen yogurt at the weekend. It was not as ‘soft serve’ as shop bought stuff but it was equally as gorgeous. I made blueberry.

yog1I LOVED it.

On Friday I am having a Spa Day at the Hilton Hotel in Chester. So looking forward to it. xx


Looking Positive…

I have just spent the last two weeks at the gym every day and eating really well in the expectation that I will kick start my weightloss and make me feel better with an endorphin rush. I actually do feel more positive, more energy and feel better about myself. I think I have lost some weight also as my trousers are looking like they want to fall down. I have burned a minimum of 500 calories a day and sometimes as high as 1,000. I have also eaten loads of fruit and vegetables, complex carbs and my latest love which is called Maxta mix. It is a mix of chia seeds, flax seeds, goji berries and white maxta tea all ground up. I sprinkled it on my weetabix on day 1 and I was stuffed. Day 2 I had one less weetabix biscuit and the mix which was just right.

I conquered a fear this week – I ran outside along the beach in the DAYLIGHT. I didn’t need to use the Vampire method. I didn’t feel self conscious at all. I thought I would drop dead and cough up my lungs but it didn’t happen. I felt it was difficult to catch my breath but that came on with a little time. I ran with my housemate, chances are I would not have done it alone. Our initial strategy was to run between the Gormley statues. Along my beach are 100 iron statues of Anthony Gormley. They are spaced and specific intervals making them easy to use as a point in which to judge the distances.


We have been out twice and run for around 30 minutes a time. Not bad for a start. Sunday will be the next run. We were supposed to go out yesterday but at the moment Liverpool is in the middle of a storm and living on the beach means it is exceptionally windy.

  Three weeks ago I decided to rejoin Weight Watchers. I didn’t want to use the Pro points system, rather I just wanted to be answerable to somebody else on the scale. I weighed in at 15stone three weeks ago. Back up to that higher weight. My head is in the right place now and I have begun to built up some new habits.

  1. eating decent food.
  2. making the most of the morning and getting up early to nip over to the gym.
  3. plan food and exercise and sticking to both.
  4. developing a positive mental attitude.
  5. keeping a food diary.

I am happy to have begun my foray into running, having managed to get to the gym every day and having eaten quite well this past two weeks. I am hoping my weigh-in on Monday will reflect the hard work.

Next week’s food is already planned and I am working on where I can fit exercise in. I used my heart rate monitor and in two weeks I burned just over 7000 calories.  That was quite mad and I am going to aim for 500 calories per day minimum. Here is to running next week… x


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