Not a Second to waste…

Last week was an utter fail-fest. I have to say I am bored of crashing into a wall, falling off the wagon and just ending up bloated and full of self-loathing with a sugary taste in my mouth.

What I can’t get my head around is what is it that is stopping me from achieving my goal of a fit, toned and healthy body and mind? Why do I falter and crash? I don’t want to look like a dried out, fat old woman – who does? I know the only thing/person standing between me and my dreams is ME. Like a recovering addict I need to take it one day at a time.

In January I wanted this year to be the one I lost the weight. We are not too far away from May so the months are slipping by. There is not a second to waste…

  I am off work for the next two weeks so I am going to use the gym, there are a few classes scheduled, bike rides and I am planning on at least having a go at running (even if it is treadmill running). The fridge is full of healthy food and all the junk is gone.

Lets see how taking it day by day works… x


It Started with a Bootcamp…

Life has been up and down but lately I have found a little groove and have managed to settle into a sweet little routine which I have enjoyed. I have enjoyed it so much I have actually lost 11lb. It started with a 4 week Pilates boot camp. I decided that I was going to have a go and put some real effort into this one. It came as second nature to me to begin a healthy eating routine at the same time. I hated leaving the chocolate ditch I had slipped into after falling off the wagon again… but I kept it up for the first week being a miserable cow, having headaches, eating little packs of chopped celery and carrots each day to keep the hunger at bay. Slowly, very slowly it all started to turn around. After the first week I found I had lost 5lb, the second week 1lb and this third week I have managed another 5lb. To log my calories and exercise I decided to subscribe for 3 months to the Biggest Loser Site. It is basic and does the job so I am happy to use it. My exercise has increased so much, gym visits have increased and I have started to feel good again. Having just had a long weekend I decided to have a few health suite sessions and have steamed and bubbled all weekend. Exfoliated, epilated and moisturised my way to a minor grooming triumph. I have also had a tiny wardrobe revamp and have planned another wardrobe clearout for the end of the month. These horrid black trouser I hate so much will be gone in this next session.

Portion sizes have been cut, chocolate intake has been cut but not through annoyance rather through genuine choice. I could easily have eaten the stuff but I just have not wanted.

Today I am starting the 30 Day Shred and I am planning on doing it all. Why not while I am enjoying being active. This week I am hoping for another loss but more important I will be taking part in a Charity bike ride of 30 miles for Altzheimer’s Trust. I am sure there will be photos. xx

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