what will you bring? I guess only what I ask and work at. Having spent the last two weeks feeling rougher than a bears ass I am craving healthy vegetables and movement. It is Christmas tomorrow but Santa visits Pagans on 21st December so he dropped off my gifts on Wednesday. I was so lucky to have been given really lovely gifts including this: tala

Not only does it fit in with my kitchen stuff already but is made in England (such a rarity these days), even better than that it is made in Liverpool (how amazing is that?). They have been made in the same factory using the same style of machinery since the 1920s. Keeping old skills alive and employing local people is so close to my heart. I have decided to buy one for each of my friends with the local links highlighted. Thankfully Liverpool is now more to me than the Beatles.

Also it is easier to use than cups for American recipes 🙂







I also had this beautiful mixing bowl from Cole and Mason. I had an original one a few years ago that I spied in a charity shop in Sussex but it cracked one winter when left outside in the garden (don’t ask – it wasn’t me).



I am itching to get out and find my health again, get to the gym, use the health suite, eat healthily and feel that great feeling of losing weight and gaining my confidence. I still feel pretty ill so not going to be doing too much. To be honest I am dreading stepping on the scale and seeing the damage. I have not been weighed for a few months and healthy eating has gone right out of the window. I need to get back control. Nothing felt as good as losing weight did and I need to hang on to that feeling.

I need to set up goals for the coming year. Month by month and month within month. One thing I have realised is I need to plan and to have my goals visible. A few months back I wrote a list of goals and promptly left it in my purse. Only when I was looking for my card did I find it again. I wanted everything on the list but because it was hidden to me I forgot it. I am going to use my blackbirds on a wire to make the goals visible.

More thought on goals for my next post… I am actually getting pretty desperate to get to the gym and get moving. xx


Busy busy busy…

Christmas is almost upon me. I have been busy making little gifts for my team mates at work.  I decided to make each person a bag of Sweeties. I know they love mint and I found a really easy and delicious recipe for Peppermint Patties, thanks Amanda. Maybe adding a little silver bell to the ribbon would make them festive… well yes…and why not make tiny festive houses from modelling clay painted with acrylic and tiny lights in the window… oh where will it end…?


The Houses…

Ok I started here with the basic shape of the house…


Added small brass hooks and then painted them to make these little cuties…


I am going to attach one plus a little silver bell to each package of Peppermint Patties and hand them to each of my work mates…


I hope they go down well. I have initialled and dated each house on the bottom. I have never made anything like this for my colleagues so fingers crossed they actually like them. I hope the little houses end up on their trees.

The Patties…



those chocolate buttons are uber luxurious.



She was readied up and all set to go.

pa5  pa4

after much measuring, mixing and messing (which I loved). The minty dough was ready to roll out. I added more icing sugar and rolled up the dough kneading it until it was smooth and soft. Using a shot glass I pushed out a few batches of patties. Each one was left in the freezer while I melted the chocolate…


The addition of the coconut oil made the chocolate far easier to play with. The patties …


The final product…


I handed them out this morning to delighted squeals of delight. Phew xx

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