Excited? Hell yeah…

I read blogs where people pee themselves with excitement at the prospect of  their KitchenAid mixers. I thought they were a little odd. I mean how can a kitchen appliance inspire such drama? Well, that was until today. I ordered my first ever KitchenAid Artisan mixer and it is en route to my home as I type. A short recap:

For my birthday 2 years ago a very good friend bought a cupcake book as a gift for me. I drooled over the pages and asked her which one she would like as a thank you for my gift. She chose the chocolate hazelnut with nutella frosting. So I went home and checked out the recipe. I had everything EXCEPT the electric mixer. I decided to buy, just one a cheap thing from Argos for £5. I was just going to have a go after all. I made the cakes to the prescribed recipe and duly handed them out. I was suddenly inundated with requests for more. I began thinking of my own combinations and I even began getting orders for parties. My dear little hand mixer died a spectacular death halfway through a lemon frosting. I borrowed my sister’s hand mixer and decided that really I ought to have a decent one. After the decision was made I checked out the possible options and decided on my favourite brand I opted for a Dualit hand mixer.


I LOVE my hand mixer. It has served me well and on seeing it in my kitchen has even inspired a friend to buy one. My cake orders have increased as I am making them for charity and I decided to buy a KitchenAid after lusting after one for a few years. I am not certain of the exact point at which this decision was reached but I knew I WANTED ONE.

The dilemma that affects all people who buy a KitchenAid is – COLOUR. I adore the 1950s cream and pistachio palette. I have my trusty cream Dualit toaster and an original 1920s pistachio breadbin but I wanted to play with colour. Red and black were out immediately as was white(sorry if you own these beautiful colours but I wanted something special). I also decided against cream. I played with bubblegum pink, bright pink, chrome and yellow then I found it… Pistachio. Oh the disappointment on discovering it was only available in US was palpable. I even went through the option of having it shipped over and buying a transformer but then I found it… Ice Blue. The closest to pistachio and still quite a sweet colour.


So here I am a few days after ordering the ice blue KitchenAid with a glass bowl and a steel bowl. I have been tracking my order and after a painful waiting period of a weekend it is now on the truck and en route to me. I am sitting in my bedroom on the edge of my bed having taken the day off. I feel the same sense of anticipation I have read about and dismissed but it is so real. All manner of recipes are going through my head. Last night I made and frosted 40 cupcakes and it took 5 hours. I am looking forward to the mechanisation of this event and cutting my cupcake time down. I am playing with the idea of making individual lemon meringue pies. xx


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