Half Marathon Training Day 1…

Ok day one is here and has started with a quick weigh in. Stats this morning: weight 13stone 13lb (phew JUST under 14stone). I have gained almost 10lb in the last few months since I fell off the wagon. I refuse to beat myself up about this. Body fat is 49%. I am confident I can get back down this month with my plans for running.

New running shoes have arrived and I love them. We went for a trial walk yesterday along my local beach where I will be running.


I love the new running shoes they are Brooks Adrenaline boys size 5 and fit perfectly. They are neither girly nor ridiculous looking.


This morning is very frosty but yesterday it was glorious weather outside and this is how my running track was looking. The tide was right out and the running community was in full flow.


New shoes on terrified feet… the very THOUGHT is terrifying. I am thinking about lugging my great chunky…. oh but WAIT… I said goodbye to her yesterday at the airport. I am no longer a huge wobbly person but a work in progress to get fit and healthy.

It is really strange how well voicing my goodbye to the fat person worked. I took the opportunity to look at myself in my swimsuit and concentrate on the good points, the curves I have and my proportions…

Today I will be sitting down and formulating my running plan. I have 19 weeks to get myself fit and ready to run. I have to work out how much weight I want to lose (around 30lb), my pace and my schedule. Until then I have a date with the steam room… more later. x


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