Saying goodbye to the fat woman…

I am off to the Canary Islands at the weekend for a week of diving, sun bathing and swimming with two really good friends. I am so looking forward to the break. I am hoping that the proximity of the island to Africa will ensure that it is sunny and warm. I need to warm my bones after the dreadful summer we have had here.

I am going to say goodbye to the fat woman and leave her plus all the oversized t-shirts, sweatpants and underwear on the island. It feels like I am ready to let her go and start on the next part of my journey. I am just going to pack all the big clothes that are falling of her, slob around for a while and then just not bring them home.

I have started to think of her in the past, all the crap she has taken, the verbal abuse for being fat, the physical abuse of not allowing another living soul to touch or comfort her is ready to end now.

I have to think about the slim, beautiful worthwhile woman who is going to come back. The body that needs to become lean, fit and healthy. The mind that is now healing and the self esteem and values that will hold the new woman strong.

When I get back I will have 8 weeks to the end of the year and I would quite like to greet 2012 with the knowledge that I will be achieving three major goals next year. 

  1. To reach my goal weight of 9 stone 9lbs (which will give me a total weightloss of 6 stone (84lb).
  2. to commit to health and well being, value my soul and spirit everyday.
  3. to be completely debt free.

Three things – mental, physical and practical that I am expecting to make life better. 8 weeks to lay the foundations for a strong fit body and mind. I actually feel quite excited about it.

In the immediate – I appear to have lost my sweet tooth. I need to find a bucket of motivation and take advantage of the sweet tooth loss. Just a little kick to enhance life for now. xx


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