I discovered this delightful aromatic oil to make Bubblegum cupcakes.


I have Grape, Watermelon, Cotton Candy, Pina Colada and Bubble Gum. They all smell just amazing. My plans are to make Candy flavour cupcakes. My last batch of Nutella and Lemon Drizzle cakes sold in minutes and adds yet another £30 to my charity drive. I pledged to raise £1,000 for charity this year and I have well and truly passed that with my epic cycle ride to Amsterdam and back and also with my Bake Sales. I am really pleased with my efforts.


  Operation Beach started today. I am off to the Canary Islands in 31 days and I want to go under 13stone. This morning I weighed in at 13.9 so I have to lose 10lb in a month. I am going to do my best with diet and exercise. I have this to look forward to…










so I plan on being in a bit better shape to enjoy that for sure 🙂 . I will be taking some of my scuba kit and taking advantage of that lovely water. xx


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