I Did it…

I registered for my first race. It is the Liverpool Half Marathon in March. Oh I feel a little dizzy with excitement now and have to plan my training. My fear is that I don’t finish or that I take an eternity to finish. I needed new running shoes so a little trawl on the internet and I found these…


They are boys size 5 so should be fine. My last pair of Brooks went to my housemate as they were size 5.5 and a bit too big for me. 5 should be perfect. They should be here for my return next weekend from my trip to the Canary Islands. I won’t be running alone. I have the support of a good friend who is an experienced runner.

Now that I have registered for the race I know my training is going to be more serious. It starts the week I return from my trip so that gives me 20 weeks to get my running up to speed and distance to finish in a respectable time. I am off to start planning…


Saying goodbye to the fat woman…

I am off to the Canary Islands at the weekend for a week of diving, sun bathing and swimming with two really good friends. I am so looking forward to the break. I am hoping that the proximity of the island to Africa will ensure that it is sunny and warm. I need to warm my bones after the dreadful summer we have had here.

I am going to say goodbye to the fat woman and leave her plus all the oversized t-shirts, sweatpants and underwear on the island. It feels like I am ready to let her go and start on the next part of my journey. I am just going to pack all the big clothes that are falling of her, slob around for a while and then just not bring them home.

I have started to think of her in the past, all the crap she has taken, the verbal abuse for being fat, the physical abuse of not allowing another living soul to touch or comfort her is ready to end now.

I have to think about the slim, beautiful worthwhile woman who is going to come back. The body that needs to become lean, fit and healthy. The mind that is now healing and the self esteem and values that will hold the new woman strong.

When I get back I will have 8 weeks to the end of the year and I would quite like to greet 2012 with the knowledge that I will be achieving three major goals next year. 

  1. To reach my goal weight of 9 stone 9lbs (which will give me a total weightloss of 6 stone (84lb).
  2. to commit to health and well being, value my soul and spirit everyday.
  3. to be completely debt free.

Three things – mental, physical and practical that I am expecting to make life better. 8 weeks to lay the foundations for a strong fit body and mind. I actually feel quite excited about it.

In the immediate – I appear to have lost my sweet tooth. I need to find a bucket of motivation and take advantage of the sweet tooth loss. Just a little kick to enhance life for now. xx

Liverpool Marathon 2011…

I was there, albeit in the capacity of a Marshall giving out medals, t-shirts and water but it was such an exciting event. I was overwhelmed by the messages and pictures on t-shirts running in memory of people who had sadly left us, young and old alike. The emotions of some of the runners as they crossed the finish line after the epic run was also touching.


 As I am built for comfort and not for speed I have never really made friends with running at all but I have decided it would be something I would like to try. I know the revelation that things ‘always seems better in theory than in practice’ really hit home earlier this year but I think I could train for and manage a 10k. After that I will decide if I want to go further. I would just love to try a Tri as I am a natural cyclist and swimmer. The running bit has been the one that always puts me off.

It has been a week since the Marathon so I have put plenty of thought into the 10k and will be signing up to the first of the season as soon as race applications open. Liverpool is a decent city for sport and http://www.runliverpool.org.uk/ is a series of races in the city each year. I have signed up to the mailshots and the first 10k will be mine. Watch this space.




My gym(s).. I love the location of this one, it is right on the beach with an immense lake that is used by the triathlon club, dragon boat club, yacht club and every other water based club. I love it here so serene and just a 10 minute walk along the beach from its sister gym which has a fabulous pool, really good classes, massive sports centre with martial arts, trampolines etc and all for £19 a month for both. Also and a HUGE bonus the sister gym is exactly (and I have timed this) 37 seconds FROM MY HOUSE.

Remember I had problems remembering my goals each month and decided they had to be visible? Well I have found this little beauty. It is a set of Blackbird paperclips on a wire to hold cards and photos etc. I have set it up by my bed and will put a goal I want to achieve each month. They are so sweet.


(can’t see Bill’s name too well on the blue wall but will use white postcards for my goals)


I discovered this delightful aromatic oil to make Bubblegum cupcakes.


I have Grape, Watermelon, Cotton Candy, Pina Colada and Bubble Gum. They all smell just amazing. My plans are to make Candy flavour cupcakes. My last batch of Nutella and Lemon Drizzle cakes sold in minutes and adds yet another £30 to my charity drive. I pledged to raise £1,000 for charity this year and I have well and truly passed that with my epic cycle ride to Amsterdam and back and also with my Bake Sales. I am really pleased with my efforts.


  Operation Beach started today. I am off to the Canary Islands in 31 days and I want to go under 13stone. This morning I weighed in at 13.9 so I have to lose 10lb in a month. I am going to do my best with diet and exercise. I have this to look forward to…










so I plan on being in a bit better shape to enjoy that for sure 🙂 . I will be taking some of my scuba kit and taking advantage of that lovely water. xx

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