Hello Stranger…

Well it has been a while… a while since I went to the gym, tracked my food, weighed myself or blogged for that matter. I still have no idea of my goals from last month as I have not yet put them on the wall as I was going to do. My snacking and chocolate consumption has increased greatly as I am no longer tracking my food and my clothes feel tighter and much more snug in key areas. I need to climb back on that wagon. I know I seem to be falling off and climbing back on that wagon but I have noticed I am picking up on the problematic behaviour much faster than I have in the past so that is a good sign.

I bought some delightful blackbirds on a wire that is pinned to the wall and holds cards, photos or notes etc. I was thinking of putting my goals on so I can see them in black and white every day.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of ‘Operation 10lb’. I am going to get weighed in the morning, get back to logging and tracking food and back at the gym in order to lose 10lb. I have found that I lose weight more efficiently when I mix things up, change things around and just give myself a more specific goal. Hence ‘Operation 10lb’. I am going to concentrate on losing 10lb which I am thinking will take my weight below 13 stone. I have been battling with this number for far too long now and I need to just get rid of it.

I want to get back to the gym as I remember how good it felt to feel healthy and fitter.

Looking back at my August goals I have not really completed any of them. As we are half way through September I am not too sure if I should look at September goals now. Possibly just get back to tracking, exercise and just staying as  healthy as I can. I think I am going to take the month off and think more about goals for October. They will go on the wall this time.

More of Operation 10lb tomorrow. xx


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