In The Eye of the Beholder…

A thought struck me the other day that has been resonating in my mind. Yesterday I took my lovely old mum to the hairdressers for a much needed haircut. She has not been well lately and has neglected herself quite a bit with not wanting to leave the house. I managed to get her an appointment and walked her to the hairdressers. We waited while another old lady had her hair finished off. My mum is 76. The lady having her hair finished was by far older than my mum but the differences in the two women was astounding. The other woman was so well groomed, had a decent social life judging by her dry cleaning hanging up alongside her coat and was very with it and conversant. It made me think about the fact that by looking after yourself it is possible to move into old age and not necessarily just fall apart. I know genetics plays a huge part in this but I am taking a little time to get my head around the revelation. Taking this on board I went shopping today for the necessaries for the cleanse, tone and moisturise routine I am going to start tonight. I am going to look after my skin and get myself a habit. I used to cleanse and moisturise daily since I was a 16 year old but somewhere down the line I just stopped.

I was also thinking of getting myself a manicure and pedicure on my next day off. I have had a few fish pedicures which I enjoyed but I have never had a full on manicure or pedicure. I will report back. I was thinking I need to start doing new things again. I enjoyed doing that.



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