August… and everything after…

It is August tomorrow I can’t believe it. I have  looked back at last months goals and thinking about August goals and I really need to have them written on paper and available for viewing or I will completely forget about them.

July Goals:

  1. Register for the Liverpool 2012 Triathlon. Race not open yet.
  2. 10% BF  this was a WW goal and I have cancelled my membership but still managed to get there.
  3. Start wearing more of my wardrobe. I have managed two clearouts this month and all the big baggy trousers have gone. I have also managed to comfortably get into a further 6 pairs of trousers and also one of my university drill tops.
  4. Make more of my mornings. Major fail here and one of the reasons I really need to have my goals visible.

So August… well what will I achieve in August I wonder??? What would I like to work towards? WHAT DO I WANT???

  1. complete the 30 Day Shred – This should make a significant dent in my midriff and flab apron as well as increase my upper body strength.
  2. make more of my mornings – I need to get up earlier and schedule my shred for that time.
  3. Achieve a weight loss to take me to 12 stone 9lb which would be my 3 stone mark (around 7lb to go to that).
  4. Complete a Five Year plan. I have already had a few thoughts about teaching English abroad but I need to think more about my options and also start planning with time lines and courses.
  5. drink much more water, eat more veggies and RECORD MY FOOD.
  6. declutter – my physical environment is suffering from the clutter around and I need to be able to clear it up. August will be my month of emptying boxes and getting rid of stuff I never use.
  7. Finances – I need to plan starting to clear my credit card debts. I managed to get one done last month but it was tiny and I knew I could do it. I have two bigger debts that need to be cleared. I also need to stop the magazine subscriptions for Dive and Olive.

I think there is quite a lot to think about there and I will make these goals visible so I know what I will achieve in the month to come. I am quite excited with these goals as they will help me to achieve some balance.


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