I have been away a while but making changes to my life and planning for the next few years. I feel much happier if I have a goal to aim for though I am not sure about how viable my current thoughts are. One thing I have discovered is that things are often better in theory than they are in practice. My thoughts at the moment are leaning toward going abroad for a year to teach English. I am planning on enrolling in a TEFL course and taking a PTTLS course, applying to teach voluntary here in Liverpool for 12 months and then think about maybe Spain for a while to see if I like it. I can also start to learn Spanish in my year here and practice over there while I am away. It is something I have always wanted to do and I feel at the moment I want something to work on and plan for. What do you think?

I other lighter news I weighed in today at 13 stone and 1lb. I am so close to being under 13 stone I can almost feel it. I have been using again and it has been easy to log and track my food and exercise. I have also continued to use my HRM and exercise so I am able to eat loads as long as I keep up my exercise. I have found that I am exceptionally close to my target nutrition each day which really makes me happy.

Yesterday I started Jillian Michael’s 30 day Shred. I felt a bit sore toward the end of the day and although I was not feeling 100% today I even managed day 2. I am going to wake up earlier tomorrow and have a go at getting it over with in the morning. I need to energise myself more in the morning.

Foodwise I have fallen in love with this stuff…. Agave nectar. It is so good with Total 0% fat Greek yogurt.


Almost August and I have to start thinking about goals for the month and what I want out of it. I will post them at the weekend. I was thinking of doing weekly goals too. I know this weekend I want to get a long ride in on the bike.  I was thinking Saturday morning before the traffic really starts. Up early in the morning for Day three of 30 day Shred. I am thinking of going to Level 2 after a week. I am finding the legs ok but my upper body strength is really lacking. xx


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