August… and everything after…

It is August tomorrow I can’t believe it. I have  looked back at last months goals and thinking about August goals and I really need to have them written on paper and available for viewing or I will completely forget about them.

July Goals:

  1. Register for the Liverpool 2012 Triathlon. Race not open yet.
  2. 10% BF  this was a WW goal and I have cancelled my membership but still managed to get there.
  3. Start wearing more of my wardrobe. I have managed two clearouts this month and all the big baggy trousers have gone. I have also managed to comfortably get into a further 6 pairs of trousers and also one of my university drill tops.
  4. Make more of my mornings. Major fail here and one of the reasons I really need to have my goals visible.

So August… well what will I achieve in August I wonder??? What would I like to work towards? WHAT DO I WANT???

  1. complete the 30 Day Shred – This should make a significant dent in my midriff and flab apron as well as increase my upper body strength.
  2. make more of my mornings – I need to get up earlier and schedule my shred for that time.
  3. Achieve a weight loss to take me to 12 stone 9lb which would be my 3 stone mark (around 7lb to go to that).
  4. Complete a Five Year plan. I have already had a few thoughts about teaching English abroad but I need to think more about my options and also start planning with time lines and courses.
  5. drink much more water, eat more veggies and RECORD MY FOOD.
  6. declutter – my physical environment is suffering from the clutter around and I need to be able to clear it up. August will be my month of emptying boxes and getting rid of stuff I never use.
  7. Finances – I need to plan starting to clear my credit card debts. I managed to get one done last month but it was tiny and I knew I could do it. I have two bigger debts that need to be cleared. I also need to stop the magazine subscriptions for Dive and Olive.

I think there is quite a lot to think about there and I will make these goals visible so I know what I will achieve in the month to come. I am quite excited with these goals as they will help me to achieve some balance.



I have been away a while but making changes to my life and planning for the next few years. I feel much happier if I have a goal to aim for though I am not sure about how viable my current thoughts are. One thing I have discovered is that things are often better in theory than they are in practice. My thoughts at the moment are leaning toward going abroad for a year to teach English. I am planning on enrolling in a TEFL course and taking a PTTLS course, applying to teach voluntary here in Liverpool for 12 months and then think about maybe Spain for a while to see if I like it. I can also start to learn Spanish in my year here and practice over there while I am away. It is something I have always wanted to do and I feel at the moment I want something to work on and plan for. What do you think?

I other lighter news I weighed in today at 13 stone and 1lb. I am so close to being under 13 stone I can almost feel it. I have been using again and it has been easy to log and track my food and exercise. I have also continued to use my HRM and exercise so I am able to eat loads as long as I keep up my exercise. I have found that I am exceptionally close to my target nutrition each day which really makes me happy.

Yesterday I started Jillian Michael’s 30 day Shred. I felt a bit sore toward the end of the day and although I was not feeling 100% today I even managed day 2. I am going to wake up earlier tomorrow and have a go at getting it over with in the morning. I need to energise myself more in the morning.

Foodwise I have fallen in love with this stuff…. Agave nectar. It is so good with Total 0% fat Greek yogurt.


Almost August and I have to start thinking about goals for the month and what I want out of it. I will post them at the weekend. I was thinking of doing weekly goals too. I know this weekend I want to get a long ride in on the bike.  I was thinking Saturday morning before the traffic really starts. Up early in the morning for Day three of 30 day Shred. I am thinking of going to Level 2 after a week. I am finding the legs ok but my upper body strength is really lacking. xx

Mixing it up…

After Amsterdam I fell off the wagon a little but recognized this and hauled myself right back up there. I decided it was time to mix it up a bit and cancelled my WW membership. I decided to go back to Weightloss Resources on the internet. I have been doing it for a week and my weigh in on Saturday was really good with a loss of 5lb. I changed my weigh day to a Saturday morning. I still have two weigh ins left to go with WW. This week  I had lost 4lb at my weigh in on Monday and I stayed to the meeting. I was a bit disheartened listening to the things people do to desperately scrape a point back. WW does not fit with my philosophy I would rather eat butter and eat it less often than eat that nasty hydrogenated half calorie stuff.

Weigh in is Saturday and I am hoping to lose 2lb. Currently my weight is now 13stone 5lb and with three weeks left in the month I am aiming to be under 13 stone by the end of the month. I have not been there for around 20 years. It feels so close.

I have a long bike ride scheduled for Sunday. We are cycling to Southport and back which is around 33 miles. It will be good practice for me to get back to distance cycling. Back tomorrow with some new thoughts. xx

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