Post Amsterdam…

Last weekend I took my body and my bike to Amsterdam and back. I had a ball, burned around 20,000 calories and raised almost £1,000 for Marie Curie. I learned that I enjoy endurance activities and that I can do small talk for hours on end.


Amsterdam is such an amazing place for cyclists but also pretty dangerous too as they whizz by at such speeds. I had the Sunday off and visited a number of museums and the botanical gardens. Being alone exploring a foreign city was not daunting at all. I enjoyed the silence really.


We had a great group of women in our team (photo under the Humber bridge).


my bike on its return home all covered in muck (I just cleaned it and cycled up the road and back to make sure all was well)

Our team ride guides were excellent lads and full of fun


The healthy eating and tracking took a bit of a back seat last week but Weigh-In tomorrow will be back to normal and back on track. I know I burned a little under 20,000 calories over the four days but I managed to GAIN weight. I think it is a consequence of all the exercise and I am hoping it will come off eventually. x


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