Post Amsterdam…

Last weekend I took my body and my bike to Amsterdam and back. I had a ball, burned around 20,000 calories and raised almost £1,000 for Marie Curie. I learned that I enjoy endurance activities and that I can do small talk for hours on end.


Amsterdam is such an amazing place for cyclists but also pretty dangerous too as they whizz by at such speeds. I had the Sunday off and visited a number of museums and the botanical gardens. Being alone exploring a foreign city was not daunting at all. I enjoyed the silence really.


We had a great group of women in our team (photo under the Humber bridge).


my bike on its return home all covered in muck (I just cleaned it and cycled up the road and back to make sure all was well)

Our team ride guides were excellent lads and full of fun


The healthy eating and tracking took a bit of a back seat last week but Weigh-In tomorrow will be back to normal and back on track. I know I burned a little under 20,000 calories over the four days but I managed to GAIN weight. I think it is a consequence of all the exercise and I am hoping it will come off eventually. x



I went to Weigh In yesterday despite it being a bank holiday and I lost a further 2lb taking my total loss at WW to 15.5lb. My total loss since being at my biggest is 28lb. I am feeling very positive and happy at the moment. I had a bit of a virus over the weekend and lost my appetite for a few days and never went to the gym.

I was awarded a delightful glass nugget as my first stone…


Start Weight 15 stone 9lb

Current Weight 13 stone 9lb

Lost this week 2lb

Total Loss 28lb

So two stone lighter and what do I see? Well I can see more definition in my muscles now which I love, I can feel my lowest ribs, my legs no longer rub together at the top, I feel stronger, my skin is in much better condition, I feel a little more focussed and I am sure there are plenty more things I could say.

New month – June. I need to think about goals and what I would like to do.

  1. triathlon planning. I want to register for the Liverpool 2012 Triathlon and I will need to get some planning done. So here is what I want to kickstart in June: a, start C25K [running], b, join Aquazone to improve my technique [swimming] and c, get some long rides in [cycling]. I am considering joining the Liverpool Mercury Cycling Club but still considering that.
  2. Achieve my 10% body fat lost by getting to 13stone 4lb – that will be a loss of 5lb needed this month. I am hoping to reduce my Flab Apron in June and have measured it. I reckon it weighs in at around 5lb so with a bit of luck the 5lb goal for the month will make a dent in the Apron (I really hate it, it NEEDS to go).
  3. Clothes – I want to start wearing some of the clothes in my closet that I have never touched. I am down a dress size now so I can start taking a pride in myself. I have made a start by going through my wardrobe at the weekend and bagging up big trousers and huge T shirts for the charity shop.
  4. Make more of the mornings. I thought maybe it would be good to actually use the time before work to get some movement going. I would like to swim at least twice a week before work and/or use the gym and get some strength training up.

Not too much in 4 goals but a huge step forward toward doing things I enjoy and pushing myself to achieve.


Last month’s goals were:

  1. to lose 8lb
  2. keep up the gym visits
  3. swim twice a week
  4. cook 1 new dish per week
  5. track my food daily
  6. blog more regularly
  7. think about how I dress and MOT my wardrobe

I have noticed that I need to keep my goals firmly in my mind. It is easy to think about a few things and write them here but if I don’t think about them or see them written down on paper I so easily forget them. x

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