Against the Odds…

Well I crawled back on the wagon and went back to WW for my WI on Monday. Expecting a gain of a few pounds I was astounded to actually have LOST 1lb. So I am half a pound from my first stone with WW and 1.5lb from a 2 stone loss overall. I went to the gym last night for half an hour on the bike and a class. Tonight I managed to get over there for 30 minutes of the bike and weights. I pushed my leg maximum weights push up to 80lb which made such a difference. I really felt like I was pushing it. I did a 15 minute cycle at resistance 9 and then decided to play with the bike and tried the variety interval. It was much harder than the plain old static 7,8 and 9 I normally go for. Tomorrow I am going to try half an hour of the interval cycling.

I have managed to stay within my points for the last two days and have planned the dinners for the rest of the week. I am hoping for a little left over food for lunch too. Gym tomorrow and Friday and a 33 mile bike ride on Sunday. So good food and lots of exercise I am hoping for that half pound loss on Monday.

I have noticed today that the skin on my hands is smooth and soft. I think due in part to a really good moisturiser and my increased water intake. Today at work I managed to collect a number of compliments about how I was looking much trimmer and healthier. I was beaming.

I do feel as if I am in a groove here and hoping it lasts a while to allow me to lose weight and become healthy and fit. xx


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