Start Weigh 15stone 9lbs

Current weight 13stone 12lb

weight loss this week 3.5lb

total weight Loss 25.5lb

Well I never managed to get a post in last week after my Weigh In. I was more than happy to discover that the scale registered a 3.5lb loss. Weigh In tomorrow again and I am hoping again for a loss of around 1.5 to take my loss to 1 stone (14lb). I am now in the 13s which I am happy with.

This week I went to the gym a few times and have eaten reasonably well. I even managed a swim before work one day. I loved it and will definitely be doing that again.  I feel a little bloated today so not sure how that will be reflected on the scale tomorrow.

I have managed to keep to all my goals of last week so my goals for the week to come are:

  1. Keep to my weeklies
  2. keep my fibre intake up
  3. plan my lunches
  4. 4 gym sessions
  5. 2 swim session one of which before work 
  6. lose 2lb
  7. make a conscious effort to make healthy choices

Quite a lot to think about there.

Today I made creamy asparagus soup which was gorgeous. It was simple quick and low points (2) in a generous bowl.


soup I also made a lovely fruit salad topped with organic gooseberry yogurt and grated chocolate which was exceptionally nice too. I love fruit salad.


I wrote a review of my new tyres, shorts and coconut water which I shall post tomorrow once I have taken a photo of the tyres. Also hope to have a good result at WW too. xx


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