thankfully it is the weekend. I managed to get a few sessions in at the gym but nowhere near as many as I planned. The new tyres arrived so I fitted them and tomorrow I am planning a test ride over some greater distance than the end of the road.

It has been an interesting week food-wise. I cooked a lentil dish in a sauce and had it with steamed veggies. It was gorgeous. There are left over’s which I am going to have with pasta tomorrow. It was my first new dish from my May goals. I enjoyed cooking and eating it and can say it will definitely be a regular in my kitchen. Photos and recipe next time I cook it.

I feel a bit different, less bloated. The week has been a struggle but the choices I have made have been mostly good. I have found that if I focus on how good it feels to weigh in lighter I can resist much easier. Completing gym sessions also has the same effect. Although I do have the horrible huge jar of Nutella calling my name in the cupboard.










Weigh in is Monday so I have two opportunities at the gym to to exercise and lose the 2lb I want to lose. I managed to get there this morning and did an hour on the stationary bike burning 500 calories with a distance of a little over 10 miles.

blog1 I tried coconut water this weekend. It is supposed to hydrate better than water alone tho I don’t know the science behind this.







With my thoughts about taking part in the Liverpool Triathlon next summer firmly in my head I downloaded the NHS Couch to 5K program to my itunes. I will move it to my ipod sometime today and plan to try it out next week. It has a playlist and somebody telling you when to run and when to walk. I know that sounds pretty damn patronising but I NEED IT. I don’t have a stopwatch I can remember to use properly, and when I did this previously I found myself counting the running minute very quickly and the walking minute very slowly.



I found a pair of padded cycling shorts at TK Maxx for £7. They are brown though they look black on this picture. I have not tried them out yet but will do next week. I have managed 10 miles a day on the bike in the gym but when I was out today on my bike on the road it was a whole different ball game. I definitely need to get more road miles in.


Next week… I weigh in tomorrow but feel a little nervous about it. I am hoping for a loss that is all I can say right now.

  1. stick to daily points not use any weeklies
  2. 500 calories burned at the gym minimum daily
  3. increase fibre
  4. lose 2lb

Back tomorrow with weigh in results… x




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