Against the Odds…

Well I crawled back on the wagon and went back to WW for my WI on Monday. Expecting a gain of a few pounds I was astounded to actually have LOST 1lb. So I am half a pound from my first stone with WW and 1.5lb from a 2 stone loss overall. I went to the gym last night for half an hour on the bike and a class. Tonight I managed to get over there for 30 minutes of the bike and weights. I pushed my leg maximum weights push up to 80lb which made such a difference. I really felt like I was pushing it. I did a 15 minute cycle at resistance 9 and then decided to play with the bike and tried the variety interval. It was much harder than the plain old static 7,8 and 9 I normally go for. Tomorrow I am going to try half an hour of the interval cycling.

I have managed to stay within my points for the last two days and have planned the dinners for the rest of the week. I am hoping for a little left over food for lunch too. Gym tomorrow and Friday and a 33 mile bike ride on Sunday. So good food and lots of exercise I am hoping for that half pound loss on Monday.

I have noticed today that the skin on my hands is smooth and soft. I think due in part to a really good moisturiser and my increased water intake. Today at work I managed to collect a number of compliments about how I was looking much trimmer and healthier. I was beaming.

I do feel as if I am in a groove here and hoping it lasts a while to allow me to lose weight and become healthy and fit. xx


Flab Apron…

Oh how I hate my Flab Apron. It just hangs there horribly resting on my thighs, gets in the way when I try to use my laptop and generally annoys me. Lying in the bath is my place to think and tonight I was thinking about all the crap I have eaten in the past two weeks and the fact I have missed my last two weigh-ins. I fear I am in danger of crashing. I came to the conclusion that I have to make a fresh start tomorrow so I am climbing back on the wagon and will do the following:

  1. go back to WW, weigh in and STAY to the meeting
  2. track food all week
  3. stick to 29 points (dailies) don’t use any weeklies
  4. increase intake of veggies
  5. plan my dinners and lunches for the week
  6. go to the gym at least 5 times and burn a minimum of 500 calories each time
  7. cycle to Southport and back
  8. measure Flab Apron and aim to start reducing it
  9. fill in Motivation sheet to help me get back on track
  10. DRINK loads of WATER

Lots to do next week then. I would like to drop a few more pounds before my cycle trip in 3 weeks time. I saw two people who I had not seen in months on Saturday morning and both gave me really positive compliments which I accepted (I believe it is important the accept compliments as when I give them myself to others I really mean it).

The Flab Apron is a big hang up of mine (excuse the pun). I want to focus on reducing it. As a body of pure fat it is bound to start reducing the more weight I lose but |I know it is not possible to target reduce flab with exercise and diet but I would like to see it go. I have noticed it is not as big as it was when I began this journey but I really have had it now. Say Goodye to the Flab Apron. I will keep you posted.


Start Weigh 15stone 9lbs

Current weight 13stone 12lb

weight loss this week 3.5lb

total weight Loss 25.5lb

Well I never managed to get a post in last week after my Weigh In. I was more than happy to discover that the scale registered a 3.5lb loss. Weigh In tomorrow again and I am hoping again for a loss of around 1.5 to take my loss to 1 stone (14lb). I am now in the 13s which I am happy with.

This week I went to the gym a few times and have eaten reasonably well. I even managed a swim before work one day. I loved it and will definitely be doing that again.  I feel a little bloated today so not sure how that will be reflected on the scale tomorrow.

I have managed to keep to all my goals of last week so my goals for the week to come are:

  1. Keep to my weeklies
  2. keep my fibre intake up
  3. plan my lunches
  4. 4 gym sessions
  5. 2 swim session one of which before work 
  6. lose 2lb
  7. make a conscious effort to make healthy choices

Quite a lot to think about there.

Today I made creamy asparagus soup which was gorgeous. It was simple quick and low points (2) in a generous bowl.


soup I also made a lovely fruit salad topped with organic gooseberry yogurt and grated chocolate which was exceptionally nice too. I love fruit salad.


I wrote a review of my new tyres, shorts and coconut water which I shall post tomorrow once I have taken a photo of the tyres. Also hope to have a good result at WW too. xx


thankfully it is the weekend. I managed to get a few sessions in at the gym but nowhere near as many as I planned. The new tyres arrived so I fitted them and tomorrow I am planning a test ride over some greater distance than the end of the road.

It has been an interesting week food-wise. I cooked a lentil dish in a sauce and had it with steamed veggies. It was gorgeous. There are left over’s which I am going to have with pasta tomorrow. It was my first new dish from my May goals. I enjoyed cooking and eating it and can say it will definitely be a regular in my kitchen. Photos and recipe next time I cook it.

I feel a bit different, less bloated. The week has been a struggle but the choices I have made have been mostly good. I have found that if I focus on how good it feels to weigh in lighter I can resist much easier. Completing gym sessions also has the same effect. Although I do have the horrible huge jar of Nutella calling my name in the cupboard.










Weigh in is Monday so I have two opportunities at the gym to to exercise and lose the 2lb I want to lose. I managed to get there this morning and did an hour on the stationary bike burning 500 calories with a distance of a little over 10 miles.

blog1 I tried coconut water this weekend. It is supposed to hydrate better than water alone tho I don’t know the science behind this.







With my thoughts about taking part in the Liverpool Triathlon next summer firmly in my head I downloaded the NHS Couch to 5K program to my itunes. I will move it to my ipod sometime today and plan to try it out next week. It has a playlist and somebody telling you when to run and when to walk. I know that sounds pretty damn patronising but I NEED IT. I don’t have a stopwatch I can remember to use properly, and when I did this previously I found myself counting the running minute very quickly and the walking minute very slowly.



I found a pair of padded cycling shorts at TK Maxx for £7. They are brown though they look black on this picture. I have not tried them out yet but will do next week. I have managed 10 miles a day on the bike in the gym but when I was out today on my bike on the road it was a whole different ball game. I definitely need to get more road miles in.


Next week… I weigh in tomorrow but feel a little nervous about it. I am hoping for a loss that is all I can say right now.

  1. stick to daily points not use any weeklies
  2. 500 calories burned at the gym minimum daily
  3. increase fibre
  4. lose 2lb

Back tomorrow with weigh in results… x



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