Slow Progress…

Weigh in today and managed to lose another 2lb so I am pretty happy with that.

Start Weigh 15stone 9lbs

Current weight 14stone 1lb

weight loss this week 2lb

total weight Loss 22lb

I am really quite pleased with myself last week as I managed a 10 mile bike ride and almost 1000 calories burned at the gym in one session. I think this Monday weigh in has helped to break my habit of weekend binging in the guise of a treat. I think I am going to be in the 13s next week for weight and maybe lose my first stone with Weight Watchers by the end of April. I have some time off coming up. Tuesday next week will be my last day in work for the rest of April. I have some quality gym time planned and a few long bike rides too as I am in training for my epic ride to Amsterdam and back in June.

I tried on a few size 16 trousers at the weekend from my wardrobe and they fitted well so I am going to start wearing them in the next few weeks. They are Capri trousers so really need sandals to stop them looking daft and the weather just isn’t there for that yet.

Planning meals all week has helped a lot too I am not straying at all. I do need to fill up on veggies tho as I am struggling sometimes with feeling hungry at lunchtime. x


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