I celebrated the 44th anniversary of my birth on Thursday with about 20 of my friends. We went to a Greek restaurant and I managed to accrue a mighty pile of presents and at the end of the meal the most amazing chocolate fudge cake with a candle in. In the week leading up to this I had planned some damage limitation by getting to the gym and sticking to my points without using any weeklies. On the day I managed to just have a few carrots for lunch so I was well primed for grub. I have stuck to my points following the dinner and have even managed two workouts since. I have my weigh in on Monday so I am hoping for a loss. One of gifts was a slab of Hotel Chocolate chocolate which I am saving for Monday as my treat regardless of what happens on the scale.


My table neighbour had these gorgeous filo packets with feta and spinach which I am going to attempt at some point very soon.


I have decided to make some goals for the coming month.

  1. to visit the gym three times a week
  2. stick to the Pro Points with Weight Watchers
  3. lose 8lb
  4. cook 1 new dish a week

I have some time off from work so I am going to have plenty of time to get some training in for the cycle ride to Amsterdam which is in 10 weeks time. I am really excited about it. Back on Monday with my results…


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