Slow Progress…

Weigh in today and managed to lose another 2lb so I am pretty happy with that.

Start Weigh 15stone 9lbs

Current weight 14stone 1lb

weight loss this week 2lb

total weight Loss 22lb

I am really quite pleased with myself last week as I managed a 10 mile bike ride and almost 1000 calories burned at the gym in one session. I think this Monday weigh in has helped to break my habit of weekend binging in the guise of a treat. I think I am going to be in the 13s next week for weight and maybe lose my first stone with Weight Watchers by the end of April. I have some time off coming up. Tuesday next week will be my last day in work for the rest of April. I have some quality gym time planned and a few long bike rides too as I am in training for my epic ride to Amsterdam and back in June.

I tried on a few size 16 trousers at the weekend from my wardrobe and they fitted well so I am going to start wearing them in the next few weeks. They are Capri trousers so really need sandals to stop them looking daft and the weather just isn’t there for that yet.

Planning meals all week has helped a lot too I am not straying at all. I do need to fill up on veggies tho as I am struggling sometimes with feeling hungry at lunchtime. x


2nd Weight Watchers Weigh-In…

Following my birthday and the gorgeous cake I devoured I was a little nervous stepping on the scales tonight despite being good and exercising a few times this week. I managed to lose 2.5lb taking my total to 7.5lb lost. Woooo Hoooo. I am going to be really good this week and aim for a 3lb loss next week. I had my first Silver 7 and a cute little foot sticker. I asked the lady why the foot sticker and she said it was because…’I am walking in the right direction…’ I love that.

Start weight 15stone 9lbs

Current Weight 14stone 2lbs

total weight lost 21lb

I feel pretty proud tonight. Dinner was stir fry and half a slab of chocolate. I need to plan my lunches for the week. It will probably just be salad and tofu. Exercise plan is for classes and gym and loads of hydration. Looking forward to this week. x

Relaxing Sunday…

I miss my boy today, bless him. x

I was trawling through some of my cookery books to find some recipes for new foods. I have a few books and think I may need to cull them.

April 010

Actually I do have about three times the amount here.

I managed to burn 530 calories at the gym and drank a tonne of water. I have eaten well today with bran flakes and yogurt for breakfast, fruit salad with yogurt and nuts for lunch and a roast dinner (due soon). So I am a happy bunny today. I am so looking forward to my chocolate slab tomorrow 🙂



I celebrated the 44th anniversary of my birth on Thursday with about 20 of my friends. We went to a Greek restaurant and I managed to accrue a mighty pile of presents and at the end of the meal the most amazing chocolate fudge cake with a candle in. In the week leading up to this I had planned some damage limitation by getting to the gym and sticking to my points without using any weeklies. On the day I managed to just have a few carrots for lunch so I was well primed for grub. I have stuck to my points following the dinner and have even managed two workouts since. I have my weigh in on Monday so I am hoping for a loss. One of gifts was a slab of Hotel Chocolate chocolate which I am saving for Monday as my treat regardless of what happens on the scale.


My table neighbour had these gorgeous filo packets with feta and spinach which I am going to attempt at some point very soon.


I have decided to make some goals for the coming month.

  1. to visit the gym three times a week
  2. stick to the Pro Points with Weight Watchers
  3. lose 8lb
  4. cook 1 new dish a week

I have some time off from work so I am going to have plenty of time to get some training in for the cycle ride to Amsterdam which is in 10 weeks time. I am really excited about it. Back on Monday with my results…

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