Am I an utter pervert or do I just take pleasure in anatomy? Well Human Anatomy did form a huge part of my education so I do have an appreciation for it but in the gym I delighted in a specimen running on the treadmill ahead of my bike. He was running, really running and I just watched. He was wearing black sorts and vest. The muscularity was just beautiful but I just laughed when he bent over to stretch after his run. His shorts had writing on the back and when he bent over the words ‘On Fire’ were emblazoned right across his buttocks. OH my I can testify that he was indeed On Fire. Bless him. On my right was Pink Peril. She was on the stairmaster for a full 30 minutes reading notes for up coming exams (I peeked – criminology). She was all in pink, pink iphone, pink binder for notes, pink ipod, pink jangling thing full of keys and pink, pink, pink all over. She was seriously pink. I was just sitting between them all grey and sweaty pounding my way through my 30 minutes of cardio on the bike. Gym time was an hour and I managed to burn 540 calories so quite happy with that.

On day 7 of WW now and I have stuck to my points plus I still have 28 weekly points and 35 earned in activity. I probably won’t use any of those now as I am managing really well without it. I wanted to just take the first week as sticking to the main points and starting exercising again. From there I may increase my points daily. My first weigh in is tomorrow and I have to say I am a little nervous as I am not sure if I have lost any weight. The Curse struck a few days ago so I am wondering if that makes any difference. If it does then the following week should make up for that.

Will be here to let you know tomorrow…


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