5 days in…

I am following the Pro Points plan on Weight Watchers and 5 days in I am starting to settle down with it. At first I felt I had absolutely no energy at all, I was ratty and tired all the time. The Curse hit today so I am hoping that is where the tiredness and ratty feelings have found their way. I have felt quite constipated too. Today I went back to the gym for an hour and I did struggle but I managed and felt so much better. I went yesterday for a 45 minute class and also on Tuesday. I have stuck to my points and started to exercise regularly so I am hoping for a good weigh in on Monday. I weighed in at 14stone 10lbs (bear in mind it was fully clothed and at the end of the day). My 5% goal is 14.1 which is my first aim. I would like to set the end of April as my goal time which gives me something to work towards. I am a tiny bit fearful that I will not have lost any weight on Monday especially as I am Cursed at the moment. I am also finding it increasingly difficult to lose weight now I have passed 40. so My own plan is to stick to the points for the week and to aim for an hour at the gym each day doing different things so I don’t get bored.


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