Well I have found myself slipping back into serious weight hain and have decided before I gain any further weight I am going to join Weight Watchers for a month or so kick start my weight loss again. I need to be accountable and have somebody to SEE the number on the scales other than me. My meeting will be on a Monday so I am hoping it will also break the weekend binge cycle. I have been horrendous for the last week but the last two weeks of that time I have been shocking. I know I have gained around 7lb maybe more with a crazy chocolate affair. I am exhausted all the time, my skin is awful and I feel ratty and horrid. My plan is to stick to the WW Pro Points 100% and get 30 minutes minimum at the gym each day. Will increase my intake of veggies, water and fruit and will be back on the wagon in no time.

It is my birthday in two weeks time but I want to stick to my healthy eating and collect my extra points. I am interested in seeing how this works as I have never found WW to be particularly beneficial as I hate pre-prepared ready meals so I never stuck to it. I like the look of the new system as the fruit is no longer pointed and it is easier to record home prepared food.

I will report back tomorrow…


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