WW Weigh-in…(from Monday)

drum roll please….. I went to weigh-in tonight and lost 5lb so you can imagine how happy that made me. My goal for the next week is to lose 2lb to lose my first half stone with WW. It is my birthday on Thursday so I am off out to a Greek Tavern for dinner with 20 of my friends. I am going to have the falafel and veggies and a dessert if anything takes my fancy.

My plan for the week is to stick to points with the help of my planned dinners and to go to the gym Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Also, on weigh days I am going to post my weightloss profile. So from the start of my journey last year it looks like this:

Start Weight 15stone 9lbs

Current Weight 14stone 5.5lbs

Lost to date – 18.5lbs

Weight loss this week – 5lbs




Am I an utter pervert or do I just take pleasure in anatomy? Well Human Anatomy did form a huge part of my education so I do have an appreciation for it but in the gym I delighted in a specimen running on the treadmill ahead of my bike. He was running, really running and I just watched. He was wearing black sorts and vest. The muscularity was just beautiful but I just laughed when he bent over to stretch after his run. His shorts had writing on the back and when he bent over the words ‘On Fire’ were emblazoned right across his buttocks. OH my I can testify that he was indeed On Fire. Bless him. On my right was Pink Peril. She was on the stairmaster for a full 30 minutes reading notes for up coming exams (I peeked – criminology). She was all in pink, pink iphone, pink binder for notes, pink ipod, pink jangling thing full of keys and pink, pink, pink all over. She was seriously pink. I was just sitting between them all grey and sweaty pounding my way through my 30 minutes of cardio on the bike. Gym time was an hour and I managed to burn 540 calories so quite happy with that.

On day 7 of WW now and I have stuck to my points plus I still have 28 weekly points and 35 earned in activity. I probably won’t use any of those now as I am managing really well without it. I wanted to just take the first week as sticking to the main points and starting exercising again. From there I may increase my points daily. My first weigh in is tomorrow and I have to say I am a little nervous as I am not sure if I have lost any weight. The Curse struck a few days ago so I am wondering if that makes any difference. If it does then the following week should make up for that.

Will be here to let you know tomorrow…

5 days in…

I am following the Pro Points plan on Weight Watchers and 5 days in I am starting to settle down with it. At first I felt I had absolutely no energy at all, I was ratty and tired all the time. The Curse hit today so I am hoping that is where the tiredness and ratty feelings have found their way. I have felt quite constipated too. Today I went back to the gym for an hour and I did struggle but I managed and felt so much better. I went yesterday for a 45 minute class and also on Tuesday. I have stuck to my points and started to exercise regularly so I am hoping for a good weigh in on Monday. I weighed in at 14stone 10lbs (bear in mind it was fully clothed and at the end of the day). My 5% goal is 14.1 which is my first aim. I would like to set the end of April as my goal time which gives me something to work towards. I am a tiny bit fearful that I will not have lost any weight on Monday especially as I am Cursed at the moment. I am also finding it increasingly difficult to lose weight now I have passed 40. so My own plan is to stick to the points for the week and to aim for an hour at the gym each day doing different things so I don’t get bored.


Well I have found myself slipping back into serious weight hain and have decided before I gain any further weight I am going to join Weight Watchers for a month or so kick start my weight loss again. I need to be accountable and have somebody to SEE the number on the scales other than me. My meeting will be on a Monday so I am hoping it will also break the weekend binge cycle. I have been horrendous for the last week but the last two weeks of that time I have been shocking. I know I have gained around 7lb maybe more with a crazy chocolate affair. I am exhausted all the time, my skin is awful and I feel ratty and horrid. My plan is to stick to the WW Pro Points 100% and get 30 minutes minimum at the gym each day. Will increase my intake of veggies, water and fruit and will be back on the wagon in no time.

It is my birthday in two weeks time but I want to stick to my healthy eating and collect my extra points. I am interested in seeing how this works as I have never found WW to be particularly beneficial as I hate pre-prepared ready meals so I never stuck to it. I like the look of the new system as the fruit is no longer pointed and it is easier to record home prepared food.

I will report back tomorrow…

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