I Love my Butt…

I truly do… To prove it I bought it some new shorts. I grant it is larger than it should and is a little knobbled by cellulite but it is soft and muscular and gives me a comfortable seat. I know it could be awesome, it could turn heads and catch a fond gaze. I am going to dedicate the month of March to my butt. Extra workouts just for it, exfoliate and body brush to bring out the toxins (I guess there are a lot there), moisturise it for softness and just love it more than I do already.

weight-wise I am 14stone 1lb so still not managed to dip below the 14 stone barrier. I looked online over the weekend at optimal fat burning and I am going to have a two week trial of daily exercise but split into alternatives days of cardio exercise and weight training. Each session will have a 15 minute warm up. I went to the gym tonight and did a 15 minute warm up on the stationary bike then a half hour on the weights doing 2 lots of 30 reps. Tomorrow I have a Body Conditioning class. I would like to get a run in tomorrow too. I need to get back into training.

I have a huge bag of baby spinach. I steamed a handful to have with dinner tonight. I want to make split pea and spinach soup too at some point in the next few days. Tomorrow I have pitta, organic hummus, spinach and baby carrots for lunch. I am quite looking forward to it. I do need to plan my lunches as I am heading toward a crash which equals a weight gain and all the mental beatings that brings with it.

Spring has come to my neck of the woods. I tidied up the garden and filled the recycle bin with all manner of greenery. I have planted alpine strawberry seeds in the hope there is a bumper crop from them. I love alpine strawberries they are so fragrant and taste like bubblegum. I have 4 hanging sacks ready to receive the plants which will keep them away from the slugs and keep them in the sun for the maximum sweetness. I also planted potatoes in sacks. As they sprout the soil is just heaped up further along the stem to maximise the crop. The ubiquitous mixed salad leaves that were a great hit last year will be ready to go in the planter in a few weeks once the sun comes back to us. x


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