Tough week…

It was a tough week of exercise this week but I have found my groove again and really enjoying it at the moment. I made a lovely lentil dish in the slow cooker and have had thoughts about new recipes. I think mixed beans and lentils will make a powerful protein kick. I can get four servings from my slow cooker. Well it is not really MY slow cooker it belongs to my housemate who is currently living in Madagascar. So I am cooking a lentil and bean stew tomorrow. All my time will be spent in the kitchen tomorrow as I am baking cupcakes for a bake sale for charity.

I managed to get to the gym last week for all my classes (well I did miss Tuesday as my delightful sister visited).

Weighed in this morning and lost 3lb last week which takes my total to 10lb this month and UNDER 200lb which I am very happy about. My current weight is now 197lb. My January round up is going to look pleasingly positive for the whole month. My habits are changing more solidly now. I no longer keep Saturday as my treat day holding onto the fact that I can gorge on chocolate, cookies and ice cream as a reward for eating well all week. I no longer feel that I NEED a reward for eating well. These changes in my thinking alone have been a massive move forward. I am enjoying healthy food more than ever and feeling far more creative in the kitchen and willing to try more food. I have never eaten meat and at 43 I am never going to eat it, especially now as there are so many vegetarian options. As I grew up my mother never bothered trying to cater for me so I never developed an enjoyment of healthy food, just peanut butter, bread and chocolate. I still love peanut putter, bread and chocolate but they are rare visitors to my kitchen these days. I now revel in mixed beans, pulses, sweet potato chips, celeriac and many other delicious treats. It is February next week so I will look back on my goals for January and look ahead to goals for February.


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