ah the weekend…

Well today (Saturday) I am having the day off from the gym and also having friends around for late lunch so I am looking forward to that. I managed to get some batteries for my scales and popped them in last night ready for the weigh-in this morning. I had not used my scales for a weigh in for a while as they were acting up so I was using a friends set. I have decided to go back to my own and I can report in the last two weeks I have managed to lose 7lb which I am happy with.

I am now 203lb which gives me the next little goal to work towards that is to lose 4lb to take me under 200lb. At the beginning of this journey I was 222.6lb. I gained back 11lb between my trip to South Africa and Christmas so just working on getting back on the wagon. I feel like I have my head in the right place now. Healthy choices are coming naturally to me and exercise is an enjoyment. As a realist I have to acknowledge that times are not always going to be this rosy and I accept that.

The Heart Rate Monitor has been a great motivational tool. My aim each time I go to the gym is to burn a minimum of 500 calories and I have been managing that with 1 hour on the machines and a swim or a class and 30 minutes on the machines. Last week I did:

  1. Monday – Pilates class, 30 mins bike, 15 minutes treadmill, 15 minutes recumbent bike = 846 cals
  2. Tuesday – Body conditioning = 399
  3. Wednesday – Body Sculpt, 30 mins bike = 657
  4. Thursday – Body conditioning X2 = 545
  5. Friday – 30 mins bike, 15 mins tread, 15 mins recumbent bike, 20 min swim =593
  6. Saturday – DAY OFF
  7. Sunday – bike, treadmill, bike, cross trainer, weights = 611

Total calories burned this week =  3651 (without Sunday cals)

I have purchased a set of ankle and wrist weights to wear around the house and to the gym so I am upping the anti here. Other things to change for next week will be the amount of fibre I am eating as I don’t believe it is enough. I am not counting calories just eating sensible food but I am finding that I don’t eat much for lunch or dinner and I need to make sure there are nutrients in my diet. My pledge to not consume chocolate for an entire month continues and in all honesty I have not missed the stuff at all.

I have made a decision to change my weigh day to Sunday so my gym week and weigh-in will coincide.

I made split pea and spinach soup today and had a bowl for dinner it was very tasty. I have enough for lunch on Monday and Tuesday so will be getting a good serving of protein. x


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