My Week…

well I have been at the gym a solid week this week, bought new workout clothes, new running shoes and had a pretty good week altogether.

First of all my new running shoes. I did a little research into what I need, what I want and what other runners use. I settled on a pair of Brooks and managed to get a decent price as I am a child size 5 for my feet and there is no tax on children’s clothes or shoes here in Britain. They were delivered yesterday but I missed them so had to wait until this morning to collect the parcel from the Post Office Sorting office. I then had to cart them around Liverpool for the day as I met a friend for shopping. Finally home and tore into the bag. I love them. My immediate first reaction was how light they were. My current runners are Nike and weigh 404g, my new Brooks are a mere 235g. Second thoughts were how more stable my feet felt in them. I am going to resume running tomorrow to check them out.


I did a full week at the gym last week. My friend Helen was there to make sure I attended the classes.

  1. Monday – Cardio machines and weights
  2. Tuesday – Body conditioning
  3. Wednesday – Body Sculpt
  4. Thursday – Body conditioning
  5. Friday – 1 hour fat burning on the machines and 20min swim

Calories burned for the week are = 2196

I am having today off but will be back there tomorrow. I have really enjoyed it. After the Body Sculpt class I went to bed aching but when I woke up the next day I swear I had been hit by a train. I did get weighed Saturday but this morning the battery had gone in the scale so how frustrating was that this morning. I had to put the batteries in the recharger unit so they should be ok for tomorrow.

I had lunch out today and instead of opting for the fries and garlic bread as I usually do I had tempura vegetables and corncakes which were all gorgeous. I enjoyed the fact that making a healthy choice didn’t feel like torture and actually came more natural to me than ever.

My friend Lorraine is also trying to lose weight and we have a daily email conversation about food and exercise. I find it good to have a joint obsession. There is a little support network there and I have pledged to not eat chocolate for the month so she can monitor that with me. I still have absolutely NO cravings for sweet stuff at all.

Next week i am going to increase my raw vegetable intake with carrot and celery sticks and hummus for lunch a few days a week. I will plan my weeks food and exercise tomorrow.


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  1. Lol
    Jan 09, 2011 @ 12:57:57

    Your new Shoes look cool, it will be like running on fresh air them being so light.
    Your feta recipe looks nice may try that.


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