January 2011…

Well the new year is here. I have been itching to write this entry as I have been very busy and very good. I completed the first week of my running schedule and decided to buy myself a new pair of running shoes. I opted for Brooks and now just await my little parcel.

shoes What do you think? I love the look of them just hoping that they perform with me.

I only did Tuesday, Thursday and tonight running as my schedule dictated but I found it easier breathing tonight. Each session took around 30 minutes including stretch, warm up and cool down. I found it tough going as I am carrying so much excess weight but it was enjoyable. I am looking forward to Week 2.

Along with my run I did an hour workout with my Wii active and with both the run and workout I managed to burn…


Food today I had veggie and bean chilli and rice for dinner followed by home made yogurt with raspberry jam and a fruit, nut and seed mix. Lunch was wholemeal toast and fruit and breakfast was weetabix with the fruit, seed and nut mix.


It was delicious and I have a final portion for tomorrow. How do you feel about reheating rice the next day? I have always been told never to do it due to the bacterial growth but I always put tumeric powder in the water to keep the bacteria down.

the ingredients…


all good stuff…

My homemade yogurt…


with raspberry jam swirled through it was just delicious. I must make another batch.

I managed to lose 2lb last week which I am pleased about. Tomorrow I am planning my lunches for the week and dinners to try and help me keep on track. I am also currently applying for a full time PAID PhD so have plenty to concentrate on at the moment…


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