Tough week…

It was a tough week of exercise this week but I have found my groove again and really enjoying it at the moment. I made a lovely lentil dish in the slow cooker and have had thoughts about new recipes. I think mixed beans and lentils will make a powerful protein kick. I can get four servings from my slow cooker. Well it is not really MY slow cooker it belongs to my housemate who is currently living in Madagascar. So I am cooking a lentil and bean stew tomorrow. All my time will be spent in the kitchen tomorrow as I am baking cupcakes for a bake sale for charity.

I managed to get to the gym last week for all my classes (well I did miss Tuesday as my delightful sister visited).

Weighed in this morning and lost 3lb last week which takes my total to 10lb this month and UNDER 200lb which I am very happy about. My current weight is now 197lb. My January round up is going to look pleasingly positive for the whole month. My habits are changing more solidly now. I no longer keep Saturday as my treat day holding onto the fact that I can gorge on chocolate, cookies and ice cream as a reward for eating well all week. I no longer feel that I NEED a reward for eating well. These changes in my thinking alone have been a massive move forward. I am enjoying healthy food more than ever and feeling far more creative in the kitchen and willing to try more food. I have never eaten meat and at 43 I am never going to eat it, especially now as there are so many vegetarian options. As I grew up my mother never bothered trying to cater for me so I never developed an enjoyment of healthy food, just peanut butter, bread and chocolate. I still love peanut putter, bread and chocolate but they are rare visitors to my kitchen these days. I now revel in mixed beans, pulses, sweet potato chips, celeriac and many other delicious treats. It is February next week so I will look back on my goals for January and look ahead to goals for February.



I weighed in today at 200lb. I know next week I will be under 200lb. Managed to get to the gym last week for all my classes. Saturday is my day off but it was such a lovely day I decided to take my bike out along the coast road for an hour. I took my camera too the tide was out and there was still some fog (it has been lingering for three days now).

view of the alt


I burned 520 calories on my little cycle ride. A section of it was off road and when I managed to I really pumped up the speed.

There is a body conditioning class in the morning that I am going to attend if I remember. I managed to attend all the classes last week and burned 3486. My body conditioning teacher told me I need to burn 3500 calories to burn 1lb of fat. Next week I am going to attempt to overhaul my diet and eat as healthily as I can. I am beginning to fall into the old pattern of not taking lunch or planning ahead. I can’t afford for that to fail.

ah the weekend…

Well today (Saturday) I am having the day off from the gym and also having friends around for late lunch so I am looking forward to that. I managed to get some batteries for my scales and popped them in last night ready for the weigh-in this morning. I had not used my scales for a weigh in for a while as they were acting up so I was using a friends set. I have decided to go back to my own and I can report in the last two weeks I have managed to lose 7lb which I am happy with.

I am now 203lb which gives me the next little goal to work towards that is to lose 4lb to take me under 200lb. At the beginning of this journey I was 222.6lb. I gained back 11lb between my trip to South Africa and Christmas so just working on getting back on the wagon. I feel like I have my head in the right place now. Healthy choices are coming naturally to me and exercise is an enjoyment. As a realist I have to acknowledge that times are not always going to be this rosy and I accept that.

The Heart Rate Monitor has been a great motivational tool. My aim each time I go to the gym is to burn a minimum of 500 calories and I have been managing that with 1 hour on the machines and a swim or a class and 30 minutes on the machines. Last week I did:

  1. Monday – Pilates class, 30 mins bike, 15 minutes treadmill, 15 minutes recumbent bike = 846 cals
  2. Tuesday – Body conditioning = 399
  3. Wednesday – Body Sculpt, 30 mins bike = 657
  4. Thursday – Body conditioning X2 = 545
  5. Friday – 30 mins bike, 15 mins tread, 15 mins recumbent bike, 20 min swim =593
  6. Saturday – DAY OFF
  7. Sunday – bike, treadmill, bike, cross trainer, weights = 611

Total calories burned this week =  3651 (without Sunday cals)

I have purchased a set of ankle and wrist weights to wear around the house and to the gym so I am upping the anti here. Other things to change for next week will be the amount of fibre I am eating as I don’t believe it is enough. I am not counting calories just eating sensible food but I am finding that I don’t eat much for lunch or dinner and I need to make sure there are nutrients in my diet. My pledge to not consume chocolate for an entire month continues and in all honesty I have not missed the stuff at all.

I have made a decision to change my weigh day to Sunday so my gym week and weigh-in will coincide.

I made split pea and spinach soup today and had a bowl for dinner it was very tasty. I have enough for lunch on Monday and Tuesday so will be getting a good serving of protein. x

Rather Annoyed…

I am rather annoyed with myself. Yesterday I met up in Liverpool with a friend and we went shopping and just wandered around town. Jane is Chinese and has a beautiful slim body, she gets away with trying on clothes in size Small and looks amazing in them. She is also very pretty and always has a smile. Another attribute she possesses is this amazing energy to shop for hours prancing around trying on armfuls of clothes. I sat outside the cubicle as she swished curtain after curtain back to reveal perfectly fitted clothes. I sat at one shop trying to avoid the mirror (as I usually do quite well). I sat in this one shop and gave myself a good look. Sitting opposite myself I looked huge, old, grey haired and tired. I am grey haired and have been since I was in my 20s (I am 43 now) and I love my grey hair I will never dye it (well never say never). In one of the shops Jane threw a dress at me, ‘try it on’, she demanded. I put it back on the rail protesting I look like a bag of potatoes in anything tight. Jane’s response, ‘why do you have no self confidence’. Well a. I have absolutely no confidence because I don’t feel as if I deserve any, and b. anybody would look like a sack of potatoes compared to you, Jane.

I am annoyed with myself for thinking this way but looking in the mirror I did look huge way beyond my weight but I was wearing huge shapeless clothes. 1 huge fleece + 1 big knitted cardigan + 1 t-shirt = a much bigger ME than I actually am. At least I was warm. As a consequence I have decided that I will no longer buy clothes that are too big for me to hide in and I am going to rid myself of all those huge un-flattering ‘mens’ t-shirts that I have now. My fabulous tie-dye Grateful Dead shirt I bought at the Smithsonian shop last May will go to my brother but the rest are going to be sleepwear until they fall apart. I have bought my last huge t-shirt.

Another annoyance this weekend is the fact my scales are not working. I charged batteries and put them in this morning but the scales still said ‘Lo’ when I switched it on. I need non-scale victories to help me this week. I will have been without a scale for two weeks as I am not going to bother weighing in again this week. I keep swinging between two camps: Scale vs Non Scale. I feel so liberated that I am not relying on the scales but then I feel a little anxious that I am not able to immediately record progress or lack of.

I managed to get a visit to the gym in this afternoon and fat burned for an hour then did a weights session burning 420 calories in 1 hour 30 minutes. I am thinking about balancing my fat burning with cardio the week after next. This week I want to concentrate on fat burning for an hour a day. I just feel like I need to get a kick-start.

My cycling jersey is due tomorrow I had an email off the guy to say it had been despatched. My other workout clothes have been delivered to my parents house so I need to collect them.

daisy shirt nike top adidas top

My Week…

well I have been at the gym a solid week this week, bought new workout clothes, new running shoes and had a pretty good week altogether.

First of all my new running shoes. I did a little research into what I need, what I want and what other runners use. I settled on a pair of Brooks and managed to get a decent price as I am a child size 5 for my feet and there is no tax on children’s clothes or shoes here in Britain. They were delivered yesterday but I missed them so had to wait until this morning to collect the parcel from the Post Office Sorting office. I then had to cart them around Liverpool for the day as I met a friend for shopping. Finally home and tore into the bag. I love them. My immediate first reaction was how light they were. My current runners are Nike and weigh 404g, my new Brooks are a mere 235g. Second thoughts were how more stable my feet felt in them. I am going to resume running tomorrow to check them out.


I did a full week at the gym last week. My friend Helen was there to make sure I attended the classes.

  1. Monday – Cardio machines and weights
  2. Tuesday – Body conditioning
  3. Wednesday – Body Sculpt
  4. Thursday – Body conditioning
  5. Friday – 1 hour fat burning on the machines and 20min swim

Calories burned for the week are = 2196

I am having today off but will be back there tomorrow. I have really enjoyed it. After the Body Sculpt class I went to bed aching but when I woke up the next day I swear I had been hit by a train. I did get weighed Saturday but this morning the battery had gone in the scale so how frustrating was that this morning. I had to put the batteries in the recharger unit so they should be ok for tomorrow.

I had lunch out today and instead of opting for the fries and garlic bread as I usually do I had tempura vegetables and corncakes which were all gorgeous. I enjoyed the fact that making a healthy choice didn’t feel like torture and actually came more natural to me than ever.

My friend Lorraine is also trying to lose weight and we have a daily email conversation about food and exercise. I find it good to have a joint obsession. There is a little support network there and I have pledged to not eat chocolate for the month so she can monitor that with me. I still have absolutely NO cravings for sweet stuff at all.

Next week i am going to increase my raw vegetable intake with carrot and celery sticks and hummus for lunch a few days a week. I will plan my weeks food and exercise tomorrow.

January 2011…

Well the new year is here. I have been itching to write this entry as I have been very busy and very good. I completed the first week of my running schedule and decided to buy myself a new pair of running shoes. I opted for Brooks and now just await my little parcel.

shoes What do you think? I love the look of them just hoping that they perform with me.

I only did Tuesday, Thursday and tonight running as my schedule dictated but I found it easier breathing tonight. Each session took around 30 minutes including stretch, warm up and cool down. I found it tough going as I am carrying so much excess weight but it was enjoyable. I am looking forward to Week 2.

Along with my run I did an hour workout with my Wii active and with both the run and workout I managed to burn…


Food today I had veggie and bean chilli and rice for dinner followed by home made yogurt with raspberry jam and a fruit, nut and seed mix. Lunch was wholemeal toast and fruit and breakfast was weetabix with the fruit, seed and nut mix.


It was delicious and I have a final portion for tomorrow. How do you feel about reheating rice the next day? I have always been told never to do it due to the bacterial growth but I always put tumeric powder in the water to keep the bacteria down.

the ingredients…


all good stuff…

My homemade yogurt…


with raspberry jam swirled through it was just delicious. I must make another batch.

I managed to lose 2lb last week which I am pleased about. Tomorrow I am planning my lunches for the week and dinners to try and help me keep on track. I am also currently applying for a full time PAID PhD so have plenty to concentrate on at the moment…

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