I never intended writing this blog for other people to read. Rather it was intended for my own thoughts and ramblings. I checked my stats today and 222 of you have had a quick blimp at what I have been rambling about. I am actually quite happy about that. I am still happy if not another soul reads this as it is helping me. I read a few blogs daily and dip into others periodically. I am interested in what is going on in the world I inhabit. All of the blogs I read have amazing stories of great weight loss and personal victories. I feel as if I am still struggling on the first few steps of my journey despite writing this blog for over a year and having lost 24lb. I guess some of you have lost in the region of hundreds of pounds and I really am on my first steps. I would like to say Thanks to anybody reading and please visit me again…

I feel as if I would like to make some goals for next year. I am going to think of 11 things I would like to achieve in 2011.

  1. complete a triathlon
  2. start running
  3. complete my diving lessons and pass
  4. take up watercolour painting
  5. cycle to Amsterdam and back
  6. raise £1000 for charity
  7. lose 50lb
  8. read 1 book a month for a whole year
  9. learn to pilot a boat
  10. dive with seals
  11. dive with basking sharks

My gym opened today after the long Christmas break. I eagerly wandered over the road strapped up to my Polar and with a facemask in my bag for the steam room. I did 1 hour of fat burning and half an hour of weights then wandered to the health suite and cracked open the facepack and gently simmered in the steam room for 10 minutes.

gymstat1 gym stat

After a 40 minute cycle ride on my new bike I chalked up 807 calories. Most of it was fat burning. Dinner was a baked potato with bakes beans and veggie sausage, organic raspberry yogurt and dried apricots for dessert. Next week I am going to track my food much more closely. I don’t want to become reliant on calorie checking as I want to make food eating more natural and intuitive so I can rely on my own feeling about what I am eating.

Back to work tomorrow… 😦


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