Oh Hello you delicious ache…

This morning I woke up on my own terms without the wailing of the delightful children next door who normally wake me at 6am. So after a nice lay-in I stretched to a slight dull ache and smiled. I love that delicious ache in the muscles that follows a long awaited workout. But then I attempted to get out of bed and WHAM a full blown all over butt, legs and back ache. I walked like a cowboy to the hall and gingerly edged myself down the stairs to the kitchen. I had to stretch to help with the ache but it felt so good.

Start my running today too. I am going to wait until it starts to go a bit dark and will run on the beach which is next to my house. As I suffer from shin splints I have to do loads of stretches to make sure I am ok. I am not running at dusk so nobody will see ME rather I am embarrassed at my running gear which is ragged and old. I will pick up some new kit when I am back at work. I may adopt the dusk running it may suit me. May re-entitle my blog The Midnight Runner…

Back later with results…

Well I did my first run. In my excitement (yes you read that correctly ‘my excitement’) I forgot to put the Polar on so I didn’t record my calories. I warmed up and did a few extra minutes stretching and walked to the beach over the dunes and onto the hard sand. It was beautiful windless and the sea was lapping the shore. I love living here. I ran for my first minute and great no problems, walked for two minutes, ran 1 minute, walked two minutes and did this 6 times. I felt great managed it really easily. Considering I never run at all I actually enjoyed it. I have to admit to feeling like a right prat though. For some reason I was really embarrassed and stopped when I saw dog walkers approaching. Came home to my lentil soup (see recipes) and a cup of tea. I have increased my water this week. Well increased it to actually drinking the stuff. I have neglected water in the last few months. Tomorrow I am going to visit the gym for a workout, have a steam bath complete with facial and a bit of a pamper.


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