Day 1…

OMG… I didn’t jump happily on the scales this morning. I gingerly slipped on trying to ignore the machine but when I looked down I was 197.5lb. That means I have GAINED 11lb in two months. When I came home from South Africa in November I never managed to get back into my healthy eating and it went from bad to worse with a cessation in exercise. I felt so ill over the past few days with a huge chocolate overload that I had to pack it all in a week ahead of schedule. Today I began my healthy eating regime with breakfast and I have lentil soup planned for dinner later. I am just going to have yogurt and fruit for lunch. This week is going to be my detox week with hot water and lemon instead of my tea a few times through the day. Also I am off the cookies, chocolate and junk. Seriously I need decent food I am craving real food. Going to have a soak in the tub tonight and exfoliate all that horrid dead skin off. I ordered some new workout gear off the internet plus the cycling jersey I wanted after finding it for half price on a different website. I went for this one.

daisy shirt

I went for the UK size 16 which I know will not fit very well initially but it is for my cycle ride to Amsterdam and back next summer and I am confident I will be wearing it and hopeful it will be a little too big for me. I don’t normally go for flowery girlie clothes but I am sick of being mistaken for a man. I know the short hair is not helping but I am a size 40DD bust and that should be a dead giveaway. I hide my shape under huge baggy clothes and I expect people to be able to see through that camouflage. I also ordered some running gear…

adidas top nike top

I love this adidas shirt. I bought the shorts too but can’t really see them here. I love the colour of the Nike shirt. I am moving away from huge black men’s shirts and toward more shape flattering bright colours. I also bought a Bite Back shirt for shark conservation so I am eagerly awaiting deliveries now.

I managed to get a half hour Wii workout done too while my lentil soup was cooking. I opted for a difficult 1 hour workout but then decided to cut it to 30 minutes and I was so pleased I did. I never realised just how much of my fitness had gone in the two months I have welded my ass to the sofa. I could barely squat my knees were screaming. I got through it though. There was quite a discrepancy in what my Polar was recording and what the Wii recorded

cals wii

Polar 393 cals, Wii 247 cals. I am going with the Polar in all my workouts as I think it is more accurate. Also there is a discrepancy in the duration too as I set up the Polar and was using it while setting up the Wii.

kitchen angel this is my kitchen angel. I bought her from a craft market in Swaziland, Southern Africa in November. She has a kettle for tea on her head so she is my patron saint of tea. Bless her. I had to Blue Tak her to the cabinet by her wing to hold her straight.


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