well my first Christmas completely alone passed off without a problem. It was pretty good actually so relaxed and completely stress free. woke up and brought breakfast up to bed, stayed there all warm chatting to my mates on FaceBook till 11:30am fuelled with tea at intermittent periods. Dressed and nipped out into the snow for a walk with my camera and a pocketful of bread to lure the gulls toward my lens. I love gulls they are so characterful. I enjoy watching their behaviour and the way each species has different behaviour and group together in their species. I took a few photos of obliging gulls, came home walking through the knee high soft snow to a warm house. Made tea and sat on the couch for the entire rest of the day making tea and toast, editing photos, reading blogs, eating, watching TV and chatting online to my housemate who is living in Madagascar for a year. It was good to chat as the last time I saw her was in October in Johannesburg where we met up for a holiday.

3 7

I love this one as you can see the gull turn its head to scan the ground for food.

It was freezing out and the River Mersey was breaking all the ice with its tides.


I noticed icicles hanging from my gutter and my neighbours too.

10 11

I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed my time alone today and when the prospect of a friend dropping by was mooted I felt a little annoyed as I wanted today to relax and have time to myself. I didn’t reply to the text till later so I did get my time.

Tomorrow is also a holiday as are Monday and Tuesday and I have Wednesday off work too. I have not really made any plans yet. I know I want to finish the chocolate and biscuits tomorrow and get to the gym on Wednesday. I also want to go into Liverpool for a walk around the shops and buy a new blanket. I have a few recipes and want to make lists of ingredients and attempt to cook in the new year. I need to sit and plan my lunches for the next two weeks. The day is almost over…Big Ben is chiming is chiming in London (I can hear it on my radio) so must be midnight. I need to plan my exercising too but that can wait until tomorrow. I need something to do while I sit on the couch all day and stuff my face :). x


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