In a Sugar Coma…


well that is the last of the chocolates…phew. I start my running tomorrow only it is a rest day so I actually begin on Tuesday with 1 minute of running followed by 2 minutes of walking repeated 6 times. That is 18 minutes but I guess with the warm up and cool down it will be 30 minutes.must remember to stretch well to avoid the shin splints. I am going to run lightly on the snow as it is still deep and crisp and even out there. Am I looking forward to it? I think I am. I am going to get myself weighed in the morning too just to see the damage December has done on the scales. I can certainly feel it with a horrendous headache, aching joints and skin as dry as a desert. I can feel my belly sitting on my things too which is always a bad sign. Will be nice to use my Polar HRM on a more regular basis. Wednesday is the next time the gym is open and I am going to spend some quality time in the health suite.


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