Exercise is my antidepressant…

I have been feeling a little sorry for myself lately. I had a mini meltdown and packed in my diving, stuffed my face with all manner of crap and cried at the drop of a hat. I was bloated and pre-menstrual. Thankfully the feeling of doom has begun to lift and I am able to smile 🙂 a little more. My diving instructor is the loveliest woman I have met. She has offered to give me one to one lessons whenever I want as soon as I feel better and able to carry on. She knows I can dive and knows I have passion but this sadness has just totally washed over me. I am going to resume my lessons early next year. I think I only need a few more to get past the pool test. Seals motivate me, I want to swim and dive with seals in the wild. I think I am going to put some pictures of them around my house so they are in my mind.

I have been off work with a virus that has affected my chest so while I have  been off I managed to get over to the gym for a few sessions in the health suite. I had a menthol steam bath which really helped my breathing and a few Jacuzzis which I found relaxing and warming. Whilst in the bubbles I had a think about my next move and I have decided to get myself back to the gym tomorrow and workout for an hour then have a swim. I will wear my polar heart rate monitor and track my calories burned. I am going to start writing my food down too and after work will go shopping for some decent food. For the weekend I am going to make a bean and veggie chilli I can have with rice and cous cous. Just being in the gym has made me feel better so I know once I get exercising I will feel 100% again. I am quite fortunate as I have two gyms to use within walking distance to give  some variety to my exercise. The Lakeside gym is a water sports centre and is set on the bank of a beautiful marina lake. They have a Power Plate which is weird. I am not sure exactly how to use it but I do have a laugh when I do.  keep kit

So tomorrow…back to work, good food, gym and a swim. I am going to collect my new bike at the weekend too and have ordered a special bike tent for it to go in the garden. I am looking forward to getting my Fox out of the kitchen. The handlebars were rusted up and stiff but I have managed to loosen them with WD40.

As I mentioned in an earlier post weight-loss is going to be a consequence of the balance between healthy food and plenty of exercise. I am however going to get weighed in the morning just so I have a place to measure progress from. Motivation seems to pick its own timetable for me and maybe by beginning on a Friday it will make it easier to keep motivated. Lets see shall we. x


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