Such a relaxing day…

well I had an unplanned sleep-in today and woke at 10:15 which took me by surprise. I was planning on going to the gym early and having a jacuzzi but I never made it at all. Had cornflakes, juice and tea for breakfast and then decided to look on ebay for some diving gear. I saw a wetsuit going for £2.00 and despite it being medium I bought it as I know a newly qualified diver who will snap that up from me. I trawled some more and bought myself a shortie wetsuit for the pool, a stabvest (BCD), drysuit, thermal undersuit and a diving torch all (including the suit I am going to flog) for £198 including postage. A drysuit alone costs around £350. it is essential for diving in British waters and I was not too keen on using a club undersuit so I wanted to buy one. I paid £19.00 for it. The thing is I bought the undersuit in the next size down and the drysuit in the size I am just about getting into now. My first dive is going to be in February in UK waters so I am going to make sure I use it as a huge motivator to get myself working hard and sticking to good food.

Talking of good food I went to a friend’s place for lunch today. She is a vegan so I knew I would be safe with the food. I had couscous, vegan chilli, salad and garlic bread and it was gorgeous. I also had a chance to play with the kittens she was fostering. Such a good person. I managed to get a few decent cuddles off her dogs too so came home content.


So tomorrow I have workout, pilates and weights. This week I am going to concentrate on fat burning daily. Tuesday will have to be before work as I am off diving after work. x


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