Saturday news…

well a surprise this morning when I climbed tenderly on the scales was a loss of 3lb. Wow, I really don’t know how that happened but it did and I was mighty pleased about it. It puts me back in the position I was in before my trip of being at my lowest weight in a few years. I am happy as I had given myself two weeks to lose that holiday weight.

I had a lovely comment from one of my colleagues yesterday. She said that during a meeting last week I was sitting next to another colleague (who I know to be slimmer than me) and I definitely looked slimmer than her. You know I don’t do this for the compliments but it did feel good 🙂 .

I am back from the gym and my first session using the heart rate monitor. I made a note of the calories and heart rate set by the gym stations and those recorded by my watch. The machine had my heart rate at about the same as the watch but the watch was faster picking up increases and decreases though only marginally but the biggest difference was in the calories burned. The machines gave me 200 calories burned in the time I was on the machines (40 mins) the watch gave me a much different picture and time as I was in the weight room for a while too. I know the watch has my height and weight so can give me a more accurate picture so I am going with that. Here it is



I am really happy with the results and look forward to my week total next week.

I have decided to go back to cooking one new dish a week. I bought whole wheat egg free lasagne sheets which is a step closer to making that butternut lasagne I really want to try. Its tofu stir fry tonight which is easy and quick and what I need to get myself eating healthy again. I would like to try making my own spicy bean burger and the butternut lasagne. x


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