Back on the Wagon…

Tomorrow I am back on the wagon. I have made a list of the meals I will have and went to the shop to buy what I need. I am just having a treat tonight of giant chocolate buttons. My plan is to get weighed in the morning and go over to the gym for a Jacuzzi and steam bath. I am taking my heart rate monitor and will have a workout session. I am looking forward to seeing what a difference it makes to my motivation and also to my workout. I know the machines are not really accurate when it comes to calories burned so having my little buddy will help to see how I have been exaggerating my workout calories.

I am going to work on my fitness until Christmas and then have break. So in that time (6 weeks) I would like the following:

  1. be down 10lb in weight
  2. have a fully established menu system
  3. have a regular workout habit
  4. bin my big baggy clothes

I will have a weigh-in each Saturday and take my stats at the end of the six weeks. I normally pig out after a weight-in but find that it ruins the whole week for me so I am not going to do that. I hope that will help me to establish a more solid routine and habits.

My little weight gain has made me feel very sluggish and I can’t wait to get back to losing it again and feeling happy. I feel knackered and its a struggle at the moment.

My diving is going ok, I had two lessons now and I have a diving exam in a few weeks plus a pool test which I didn’t know I was going to have. I will be wearing a dry suit in January when I begin open water diving so I need to be trimmer for that as I will be borrowing club gear and there are no big suits (I looked 🙂 )

Have a good weekend…x


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