I am back at the place where I struggle to get myself motivated to continue with my healthy lifestyle. I am eating crap again and just not looking after myself. Everything is becoming a huge struggle. My fridge is in a constant state of emptiness as I can’t be bothered buying food for it. I just stop off at the corner shop and buy bread and crap. I am tired all the time and feel utterly useless. I know it is going to take a kick to really get my motivation back.


the constant state of my fridge…

There is tofu, halloumi, a casserole veg pack, carrots and a carton of milk in there. I am diving tomorrow so won’t get home till 11pm. I was thinking for Wednesday I could make a veggie sausage casserole. I seriously need to make a list and go shopping good and proper. I am going to have to make a meal plan and spend some time in the shop.

I did manage to get to the gym tonight for 50 minutes and burned almost 300 calories. I know that isn’t much but it is a start for me. I have also had an induction for the gym on the lake which is beautiful and they have a power plate plus banks of machines.

At work we have a Bike to Work scheme where a new bike can be purchased which is tax and NI free. I have decided to get a new bike and settled on a Carerra mountain bike.


I am looking forward to collecting it.

My diving is progressing but I am not the most natural diver in the world. There is a trip to a beautiful part of Britain the diving club have arranged. I have put my name down for it so next Easter I will be diving in the pirate coves of Cornwall (pool test pass pending). I have three lessons left before Christmas and then a break for a few weeks when I am hoping to be ready for my pool test. I get so frustrated when things take a long time to do I think that is why I never finished my driving lessons.

It is so cold here at the moment Brrrrrrr. My garden thermometer read –9 degrees this morning.



Such a relaxing day…

well I had an unplanned sleep-in today and woke at 10:15 which took me by surprise. I was planning on going to the gym early and having a jacuzzi but I never made it at all. Had cornflakes, juice and tea for breakfast and then decided to look on ebay for some diving gear. I saw a wetsuit going for £2.00 and despite it being medium I bought it as I know a newly qualified diver who will snap that up from me. I trawled some more and bought myself a shortie wetsuit for the pool, a stabvest (BCD), drysuit, thermal undersuit and a diving torch all (including the suit I am going to flog) for £198 including postage. A drysuit alone costs around £350. it is essential for diving in British waters and I was not too keen on using a club undersuit so I wanted to buy one. I paid £19.00 for it. The thing is I bought the undersuit in the next size down and the drysuit in the size I am just about getting into now. My first dive is going to be in February in UK waters so I am going to make sure I use it as a huge motivator to get myself working hard and sticking to good food.

Talking of good food I went to a friend’s place for lunch today. She is a vegan so I knew I would be safe with the food. I had couscous, vegan chilli, salad and garlic bread and it was gorgeous. I also had a chance to play with the kittens she was fostering. Such a good person. I managed to get a few decent cuddles off her dogs too so came home content.


So tomorrow I have workout, pilates and weights. This week I am going to concentrate on fat burning daily. Tuesday will have to be before work as I am off diving after work. x

Saturday news…

well a surprise this morning when I climbed tenderly on the scales was a loss of 3lb. Wow, I really don’t know how that happened but it did and I was mighty pleased about it. It puts me back in the position I was in before my trip of being at my lowest weight in a few years. I am happy as I had given myself two weeks to lose that holiday weight.

I had a lovely comment from one of my colleagues yesterday. She said that during a meeting last week I was sitting next to another colleague (who I know to be slimmer than me) and I definitely looked slimmer than her. You know I don’t do this for the compliments but it did feel good 🙂 .

I am back from the gym and my first session using the heart rate monitor. I made a note of the calories and heart rate set by the gym stations and those recorded by my watch. The machine had my heart rate at about the same as the watch but the watch was faster picking up increases and decreases though only marginally but the biggest difference was in the calories burned. The machines gave me 200 calories burned in the time I was on the machines (40 mins) the watch gave me a much different picture and time as I was in the weight room for a while too. I know the watch has my height and weight so can give me a more accurate picture so I am going with that. Here it is



I am really happy with the results and look forward to my week total next week.

I have decided to go back to cooking one new dish a week. I bought whole wheat egg free lasagne sheets which is a step closer to making that butternut lasagne I really want to try. Its tofu stir fry tonight which is easy and quick and what I need to get myself eating healthy again. I would like to try making my own spicy bean burger and the butternut lasagne. x

Back on the Wagon…

Tomorrow I am back on the wagon. I have made a list of the meals I will have and went to the shop to buy what I need. I am just having a treat tonight of giant chocolate buttons. My plan is to get weighed in the morning and go over to the gym for a Jacuzzi and steam bath. I am taking my heart rate monitor and will have a workout session. I am looking forward to seeing what a difference it makes to my motivation and also to my workout. I know the machines are not really accurate when it comes to calories burned so having my little buddy will help to see how I have been exaggerating my workout calories.

I am going to work on my fitness until Christmas and then have break. So in that time (6 weeks) I would like the following:

  1. be down 10lb in weight
  2. have a fully established menu system
  3. have a regular workout habit
  4. bin my big baggy clothes

I will have a weigh-in each Saturday and take my stats at the end of the six weeks. I normally pig out after a weight-in but find that it ruins the whole week for me so I am not going to do that. I hope that will help me to establish a more solid routine and habits.

My little weight gain has made me feel very sluggish and I can’t wait to get back to losing it again and feeling happy. I feel knackered and its a struggle at the moment.

My diving is going ok, I had two lessons now and I have a diving exam in a few weeks plus a pool test which I didn’t know I was going to have. I will be wearing a dry suit in January when I begin open water diving so I need to be trimmer for that as I will be borrowing club gear and there are no big suits (I looked 🙂 )

Have a good weekend…x


I am the proud owner of a Polar FT7 heart rate monitor and already I love it.

Quick update… I arrived home from my trip to South Africa and Swaziland which was utterly mind-blowing. I managed to maintain my weight whilst there but found it difficult to get back on the wagon and have gained 3lb since. I can feel it already so I invested in a heart rate monitor to help with motivation and also to track my exercise, calories and heart rate. It arrived today and I set it up and jogged for 2 minutes in my bathroom burning 19 calories in a fat burning zone. I am going to use it tomorrow for my gym session and swimming session. I will report back. x

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